Podcast – JOYELY


Like the gemstone, conversations with our guests, coined as Diamonds, are helping us to Feel Better Now. You see, our Thought Leaders sit in the Chair of Joy™ during every Podcast and what they offer is profoundly transformative.

The Chair of Joy™ is a beautiful diamond studded backdrop, and these stories are woven into the fabric of our chair and our hearts. They are worth knowing and remembering, so If Diamonds Could Talk… they would repeat these epic stories over and over.

Each show will help us create new energy for the things we want, they shift the environment around us to produce results and provide superhighways to growth, prosperity, love, life, faith, and endurance.

Through the Chair of Joy™ Experience, which you will learn about on each show, you can expect to attract abundance, strength, power, courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, purity, harmony, faithfulness, innocence, increased feelings of self-respect and love, and relationships full of pure love. Like The jewels from our Diamonds are brilliant, our speakers fill up negative spaces in us with the purity of love.

The JOYELY Organization and the Chair of Joy™ continuously engage the world’s top thinkers and doers in significant conversations. We are a community of responsible people, taking care of our planet while becoming free mentally and emotionally. We engage in the big picture which is to know how to live JOYELY Ever After.

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