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JOY RISE: Living JOYELY Ever After

The journey to discover the profound power of joy, self-discovery, and personal growth is told though heartfelt stories, a conversation about the "JOY RISE Movement: Living JOYELY Ever After." This enlightening and inspiring talk invites you to explore the significance of joy in our lives and why it matters. Learn practical steps to make joy a central part of your life, inspiring you to advocate for your dreams and create a fulfilling life that resonates with your deepest aspirations.

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The JOYRISE keynote presents a concept whose time has come, delivering a potent message that delves into the profound significance of JOYRISE as a title in today’s world.

Discover how this concept unveils two distinct yet equally impactful interpretations. First, Joy is readily accessible, enabling you to summon it at will.

This process harmonizes your brain and heart through simple cues, resulting in a fundamental shift in your emotional landscape. Second, JOYRISE transforms into a movement—an inspiring vision where individuals, communities, and societies collectively embrace the power of joy.

In this inspiring speech, we explore the path to becoming the strongest woman in your world. It’s a journey that involves rising early, engaging in regular movement, and building unwavering self-confidence, all following the 60/60/60 principle of suffering and confidence, ultimately leading to a life filled with joy.

Sheryl emphasizes that this transformation starts with us as individuals and radiates outward to positively impact our families, companies, communities, and our nation. By adopting a mindset of limitless determination and prioritizing self-care, we empower ourselves to become inspirational and have the strength to make our world easier and more fun.

Embrace your inner power and proudly declare, “I am the strongest woman in my world.

In an intricate world, where joy can appear elusive and complicated, Sheryl Lynn simplifies the journey to knowing and understanding how to know a state of joy.

We offer straightforward actions based on brain heart coherence and the science of joy that seamlessly integrate joy into daily life.

Experience a refreshing perspective that empowers individuals with simple, actionable steps to embrace joy’s innate simplicity. With a singular focus on joy as the ultimate state of being. Sheryl invites you to take a seat in “The Chair of Joy,” where you can simply sit, breathe, think, and feel. Ideal for breakout sessions or in-service days, this message resonates with both adults and children, emphasizing the ease of finding joy within..​

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Theresa Rose Brand and Business Crystallize

"Sheryl is a true visionary. I was honored to Crystallize Her Brilliance by co-creating the framework for her Chair of Joy Experience. She is the perfect facilitator to infuse joy into organizations all over the world."

Melanie Weller CEO of Fearless Presence and Neuro-Somatic Intelligence™

In just 60 seconds, the Chair of Joy™ harnesses the power of fundamental nervous system principles to facilitate an improved sense of well-being among employees.

Hendrik Lai CEO of Sage Consulting

"Crafting something both profound and simple requires true genius, and it is precisely this genius that defines the JOYELY Programs.


From her early days as a standout CPA to her present role as the dynamic COO of Joyely, LLC, Jennifer Cavender has seamlessly melded joy with astute business acumen. With two decades in public accounting, Jennifer's talent for fostering growth, mentoring adeptly, and strategizing with precision became unmistakable. Recognized as one of "40 under 40 CPAs" and a "Remarkable Woman," her accolades reflect her dedication and prowess.


At Joyely, Jennifer's true passion takes center stage. Utilizing the Chair of Joy Practice, she guides corporations and individuals from challenges to realms of clarity, direction, and profound joy. Her compassionate nature, coupled with an unerring ability to find light in every situation, makes her an inspirational figure in the business world.


Jennifer's organizational skills, creativity, and strategic planning abilities are evident in every project she undertakes. Firmly rooted in JOYELY's mission, her commitment shines brightly, inspiring others to embrace joy as more than just an emotion—it's a transformative force.


Beyond her professional sphere, Jennifer relishes her roles as a mother, wife, and outdoor enthusiast. Whether hiking or enjoying beach activities in Torrance, California, she embodies the essence of joy. In her ascent to leadership, Jennifer Cavender illustrates that joy, when intertwined with purpose, can truly elevate one's life and career.

For over 30 years, Sheryl has fine-tuned this pursuit of joy, gifting the Chair of Joy™ to a myriad, from spirited children to seasoned executives. As a beacon in mental health discourse, she's repositioned it to paramount importance, igniting conversations that catalyze empathy, understanding, and holistic well-being. Her influence, though rooted in the heart, knows no geographical bounds.


Yet, beyond her endeavors, it's the cascade of people with radiant force fields she attracts that stands testament to her own radiant journey. Her passion for joy not only transformed her life, from college to being a Las Vegas icon, but it also steered the choices she made, always rooted in joy, always aiming for more. Deeply cherishing the enterprise sculpted with her family, Sheryl's conviction remains unwavering: every soul can bask in the joy much like the vibrant team at JOYELY. Through every heartbeat and choice, she showcases that boundless joy isn’t just a feeling; it's a way of life.