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2021 Episode 55 – Lisa Fasullo

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September 13, 2021
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September 15, 2021

As founder and director of The Center for Transformative Movement in Boulder, Colorado, Lisa fuses her passion for music and dancing with research and raising public awareness about the physical, emotional and transcendent health benefits of freeform movement and dance.

Through her work with thousands of people from all walks of life, Lisa has learned that most people feel self-conscious dancing. She felt the exact same way… until she just started doing it herself – dancing! Since then… she has seen over and over again the subtle, yet powerful non-cerebral blossoming and transformation that can and does occur when people simply start moving their bodies to enlivening music for fun!

Combining her master’s degrees in both Health Education and Social Work with her love of dance and wellness, Lisa loves creating transformative movement environments where people can experience Movement Meditation – an effortless, effective and FUN new Mindfulness Tool with wellness benefits similar to martial arts and yoga.

Blending traditional therapeutic healing modalities with movement-based, expressive and primal arts. she has developed, Lisa enjoys helping people to discover simple fun ways to feel their most elevated, happy and healthy both on the dance floor, as well as in other areas of their lives like relationships, career, parenting and in their overall well being.

In addition to this, Lisa puts her expertise, experience and enthusiasm to work in business, counselling and global health promotion and is also a versatile, inspiring public speaker, focusing her energies and 20+ years of experience toward being a catalyst for the positive change all around us.

Lisa is first author of a published research article:
“Reconnecting to the feminine: Transformative effects of Sensual Movement and Dance”

Listen to this uplifting JOYELY Podcast episode with Lisa about competing and winning your goals. Here are some of the uplifting topics covered on this week’s show:

• Overcoming depression with free form dance!
• Concept of “happy tantrum”

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