JOYELY, FEEL BETTER NOW – Chair of Joy™ – Corporate Culture, Leadership, Retention, Children's Mental Health

What We Do at JOYELY

We cultivate a lifestyle of intentional joy for all ages, fostering mindfulness through global events, retreats, and tailored programs.

By offering innovative strategies for schools and unique solutions for broader communities, and by mobilizing a passionate network of ambassadors, we have ignited a global movement to enrich every facet of life.

Our commitment is unwavering: to interlace the yellow and white hues into the very fabric of communities worldwide.

The Chair of Joy Experience can help you feel better in 60 seconds or less.

Here are the 4 simple steps.


Move to your Chair of JOY

Take yourself out of your current situation and physically move to your Chair of JOY.


Take 3-4 deep breaths

Take 3-4 deep breaths in and out through your nose. Focus on breathing, slow, controlled breaths.


Imagine your moment of JOY

Imagine YOUR moment of JOY. Allow yourself to feel JOY, like a slight smile on your lips as you think of the details of this moment of JOY.


Feel the moment of JOY

Do your best to FEEL the moment of JOY by simply tapping into some of the same feelings you had when the moment was happening. Let this feeling linger in your body.

Hear from CEO Evangelical Community Hospital - Kendra Aucker

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