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Sheryl Lynn is the CHAIR of Joy and Chief Visionary Officer of Joyely. She evokes joy everywhere she goes. She is an Advisor and Thought Council Member of the C-Suite Network. The more Sheryl studied and lived a life of joy, the more people entered her life who also wanted to tap into their joy superpowers.  Experiencing connection after connection, and extending invitations to some “joy matches”, Sheryl soon had the tangible cornerstones of which had been whirling around in her heart. These are the Thought Leaders, founding finances, a core inner team, and her developing story around JOYELY.

Mission: To inspire all to Feel Better Now through the Chair of Joy™ Experience.

Vision: Everyone knows the Chair of Joy™ Experience and feels liberated while living joyely ever after.


Pull Up a Chair, It’s Time For Joy.
We inspire you to Pull Up A Chair and engage in the 4 step Chair of Joy™ Practice: Sit, Breathe, Think and Feel. You then realize your own power and understanding to create as much joy for yourself and others as you desire so you can feel liberated and live the life you want, free from struggle. Expect breakthrough after breakthrough!

One Chair at a Time.
We consistently invite people to sit in their Chair of Joy™.

JOYELY has become a world-renowned organization. We shine the light on all people so they feel seen and heard. We anticipate everyone in the world will one day know where their Chair of Joy™ is and what to do with it once they get there.

What We Do:
We demonstrate that we can enter any organization anywhere in the world, and prove that JOY (JOYELY) can solve any problem in any economy. We will increase a company’s bottom line, achieve a community’s core purpose, and deliver desired outcomes for families, One Chair At A Time.

Chair of Joy™ Practice is a science-based personal practice for people to achieve their highest state of well-being.  Chair of Joy™ programs offers universal and total transformation for each corporation, organization, or family that participates with us.

Chair of Joy™ fuels a Movement to solve many if not, most problems.


Sometimes a chair is more than just a chair. Seats are pedestrian; they’re everywhere we go. That commonness, if we’re not paying attention, can let the sitter go unnoticed. The beauty within goes unseen—that is, without the right questions and frame to draw it out.

To break the common perception, it helps to have an uncommon chair. History didn’t frame The Mona Lisa in plywood. She’s wrapped by dignity worthy of her beauty. The same standard applies to you and to anyone walking by. Each is waiting for a chair that hints at the joy bubbling beneath the surface. They’re waiting for their throne, and most don’t even recognize they deserve such an honor.

We’ve crafted a frame for living, breathing Mona Lisas (and Larrys). It’s a simple throne that sets the stage to reveal the beauty and release the joy.

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Chair of Joy™ Movement is supported by three levels in the JOYELY eco-system. We have created opportunities for those who want to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, and CATALYZE.

For all who are called to participate in the movement, they can CONNECT by surrounding themselves in the Energy of Joy simply by engaging in our social networks. People from all ages and all walks of life from all over the world share inspiring stories of what magic takes place while Sitting in their Chairs of Joy. Find us on TikTok @ChairofJoy to watch and contribute your own stories!

For those businesses and owners who are aligned with our purpose to create joy across the planet, they can COLLABORATE with us by engaging in the Community of Joy. Through sponsored partnerships to organizational team experiences to electrifying events like our quarterly Global Joy Symposiums and our annual in-person Chair of Joy™ Conference where companies and their leaders create tremendous value around their brands by being affiliated with our powerful movement. And it’s fun too!


We invite collaboration with Thought Leaders, Influencers, Transformational Experts, and Authors, and all professionals who inspire the positive emotion of joy.  As we continue to build momentum around the importance of living with joy, and Chair of Joy™, we would like to feature your expertise.  Any and all research and scientific evidence as it pertains to living with joy and how it impacts our personal and professional well-being is welcome.

[ joy-uh-lee ]
Adjective: JOYELY

JOYELY is a conscious mental-emotional state (such as the emotional states of anger or sadness) that is universally (all people understand and yearn for JOYELY emotions), subjectively experienced as a strong feeling encompassing elated attitude and mood.

example: “Every time I sit in my Chair of Joy™ I feel JOYELY”.

JOYELY may also refer to more than creating an emotional state of joy, but also living a JOYELY lifestyle. Living JOYELY involves learning and mastering how to access the power of joy into one’s life, sustain it, and vibrate that joy outward, activating it for others.

example: “Living the JOYELY lifestyle has completely transformed my life and everyone around me!”.

noun: JOYELY

JOYELY (aka JOYELY STUDIOS, and JOYELY LLC) is a company formed and dedicated to bringing the JOYELY lifestyle to the world.

Movements that change the course of humanity ask us to examine our conditioning and acceptance of things. People come together, raise their voices, and take to the streets when the status quo begins to feel unjust and like a threat to the humanity of certain groups and communities. The people who dare to speak up and acknowledge their discomfort, with the way things are, create a pathway for the rest of us to follow.