We hear and see you.

We are a Media Company, in the business of producing, packaging, and distributing content.

Why Build JOYELY?

To create social content for our membership around an idea (bringing E Chair to the world) and sparking inspired joy by using our unique platforms whereby people can be seen and heard.

  • Print Media (Magazine)
  • Broadcast Media (Podcast TV)
  • Outdoor or Out of Home (OOH) Media.
  • Internet (Events on/offline)

We work to create social content around joy and showcasing our members as leaders of this lifestyle.

  1. Have a well-defined audience: Entrepreneurial Drive
  2. Know our value: Experts at gathering the best Teachers, Coaches, and Speakers
  3. Focus on what we do well: Build relationships, connect, engage
  4. Ambitiously telling people our rally cry: Be Seen and Heard!
  5. Best membership model possible: Working with professionals to make sure JOYELY members are seen and heard.

Sometimes a chair is more than just a chair. Seats are pedestrian; they’re everywhere we go. That commonness, if we’re not paying attention, can let the sitter go unnoticed. The beauty within goes unseen—that is, without the right questions and frame to draw it out.

To break the common perception, it helps to have an uncommon chair. History didn’t frame The Mona Lisa in plywood. She’s wrapped by dignity worthy of her beauty. The same standard applies to you and to anyone walking by. Each is waiting for a chair that hints at the joy bubbling beneath the surface. They’re waiting for their throne, and most don’t even recognize they deserve such an honor.

We’ve crafted a frame for living, breathing Mona Lisas (and Larrys). It’s a simple throne that sets the stage to reveal the beauty and release the joy.

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We hear and see you.

How can we find our joy? First of all, what is joy? Joy is a ripening of all the different experiences, good and bad. It swells up within us and changes how we see the sunlight, the look in our loved one’s faces. Joy, well, is the most natural feeling in the world.

Joy is a love affair with every aspect of our human hearts. But how can we get more of it? Much of the time, joy seems to come upon us spontaneously. But can you imagine what would happen if it could be cultivated? There is a new way. It’s called the JOYELY Formula. It works because when you break it down, joy is a process. Rather than an arrival point, joy is a fluid interaction with the full spectrum of our experiences. Joy is instantaneous. First, we consider what has brought us joy in the past. Then we can go about bringing more of that experience into our lives.


Are you an Influencer of JOY? Or do you know someone who is? Perhaps you have seen a friend, family member, entrepreneur, healthcare professional, teacher or Non-Profit show up with a joyful heart. We would like to shine a spotlight on you or them so that we can hear, record, and share this joy to inspire others.

JOYELY (sounds like merrily but with a J) is a name that is short, easy to remember and describes an organization set to challenge the Status Quo.

How Challenging The Status Quo Is Actually An Act Of Healing by Tina Lifford
Self-examination is uncomfortable and it challenges your sense of identity and belonging.

Movements that change the course of humanity ask us to examine our conditioning and acceptance of things. People come together, raise their voices and take to the streets when the status quo begins to feel unjust and like a threat to the humanity of certain groups and communities. The people who dare to speak up and acknowledge their discomfort, with the way things are, create a pathway for the rest of us to follow.