Through Life's Evolution,
Joy Remains

Today's Joy, Tomorrow's Success

At JOYELY, our mission revolves around fostering positive change enjoyably and naturally. We are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community of individuals who champion groundbreaking science, optimism, and tangible transformations. Our sphere of influence encompasses a wide range of life facets, encompassing self-improvement, mindful parenting, and nurturing corporate cultures with a strong community emphasis. We firmly believe in commencing our efforts at a grassroots level, establishing a strong local presence before extending our reach on a national and international scale. Whether it’s in the realms of education, healthcare, corporate returns on investment, or initiatives promoting peace, our purpose is to create a beneficial impact at every tier of society.


At JOYELY, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations worldwide with the art and science of joy for overall well-being and positive impact. Through immersive experiences like the Chair of Joy, we cultivate resilience, connection, and purposeful living, fostering a world where joy is celebrated.


We envision JOYELY as a global movement where joy becomes the driving force for positive change, uniting individuals, communities, and the world in a shared pursuit of well-being and fulfillment.

The Chair of Joy™ Experience emerged from a life marked by hardship and a relentless search for self-acceptance. Enduring a tumultuous childhood, 40 homes, business successes and failures, and a grueling custody battle, Sheryl Lynn found herself at a breaking point. Overwhelmed and exhausted, she sought solace by the beach.  

Sitting on a friend’s cottage deck, waves lapping under the moonlight, Sheryl felt a profound urge to release her worries and immerse herself in cherished memories. Two specific moments with her daughters flashed before her: sharing seashells on a Wisconsin beach and a simple celebration at a bus stop. These memories, evoking pure joy, served as a lifeline during her darkest moments.

JOYELY, LLC shines as a guiding light for intentional joy and mindfulness, visualizing a world where all 8 billion people on this planet intimately embrace the concept of the Chair of Joy™ Experience. Our mission goes beyond simple awareness; it’s about catalyzing a transformation in how individuals perceive and access joy. We serve as architects of a global movement, nurturing a culture where joy seamlessly integrates into the human experience, a universal language uniting us all.

Our dedication transcends conventional boundaries. We are forging a future where we extend an open invitation to everyone, emphasizing that joy is accessible at any moment, regardless of their background, culture, or circumstances. We envision a world where joy becomes an inherent right, not a privilege, where every heart and soul possesses the means to embrace joy in their daily lives.

At JOYELY, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of connection and unity. We envision a world where joy serves as the bridge uniting people, cultivating understanding, empathy, and a shared commitment to the well-being of all. It’s a realm where joy isn’t a solitary pursuit but a collective endeavor, where we celebrate our diversity and find common ground in the joy that binds us.

JOYELY spearheads the global movement through its inspiring #JOYRISE initiative, bringing together individuals from all walks of life who share a desire to elevate the dialogue surrounding joy. It’s more than just a business or idea; it’s a movement within ourselves and a call for the world to join. JOYELY serves through Organizational Programs for corporations, individuals, and schools, Collaborations and Licensing, diverse Programs and Merchandise, E-commerce offerings, rigorous Research and Development, and a commitment to Global Expansion

JOYELY: The 7 Elements of Joy Mastery

The Full Potential of Joy

Recognize that joy is within your reach, regardless of your circumstances. Use this awareness to amplify your potential by approaching life with a positive and transformative mindset.

Embracing The Science of Joy

Explore the scientific foundations of joy and apply practical techniques in your daily life. Master the art of joy by implementing the Chair of Joy™ Experience.

Simplicity, Joy Made Easy

Simplify your pursuit of joy by acknowledging and accepting all emotions as part of the human experience. Build mental clarity to effortlessly integrate joy into your daily routines through straightforward actions.

Joy as a Lifelong Companion

Cultivating Joy as a Constant State: Make joy a constant companion in your life. Cultivate resilience, determination, adaptability, confidence, stress management skills, emotional intelligence, and self-discipline to navigate challenges and achieve long-lasting success with the power of joy by your side.

Joy is Ubiquitous, Joy Knows No Boundaries

Embrace the universal nature of joy to build authentic and meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Use joy as a bridge to foster understanding and unity.

Apathy Breakthrough

Rising from the Mundane: Overcome apathy by reigniting your inner spark and reconnecting with joy, even in the most ordinary moments. Use this newfound enthusiasm to break free from mediocrity and embrace personal growth.


A World Impacted by Yellow and White Hues: Allow the vibrant energy of JOYELY to draw you toward joy and positivity, even when you're not actively seeking it. Let the joyful atmosphere inspire and uplift you.