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At JOYELY, YOU are in the driver’s seat here! We invite you to find, be and share your joy.  How do you find it, be it, and share it with your family, friends, and neighbors? Tell us how you recall it when there does not seem to be anything to be joyful about.

Our community comes together as teachers, the thought leaders, the proof if you will that can show what is possible when joy is prioritized daily.

When I was 8 years old, I stood up from my crouched down position and my life changed instantly. It had been a joyful afternoon of playing in the sandbox, building mountains and moats with my shovel, using leaves, rocks, and sticks as decorations for the castle walls. “SHERYL!, my brother yelled and I turned my head to see what the heck was going on. The next moment and 30 years after that was all a blur. When the baseball struck and broke my nose that lazy summer July day, I became disfigured, not just physically but emotionally, and mentally as well. I allowed that very hardball to break the steady stream of joy I had going from my heart to the world and back.

Do you have a moment in time like this? Well, damn, if I didn’t allow that day to rule my life for many years.  I became very mobile, physically needing to move, or run some might say. I constantly moved from city to city and house to house, again and again, starting over, quitting, acquiring a bunch of bad habits…and then I would move again when I got bored or tired or fat or God forbid, someone did not like me.

During those years, I did my best to “not worry and be happy” as they say. I started amazing projects, built organizations of awesome people, and lead like no other.  We had grand events and made friends in those groups.  Or at least they became friends. I ran away, again. Where or where was the joy of that little 8-year-old girl, pre-broken nose.

Fast forward to early this year, in January of 2020, I decided to launch a brand about JOY. You know, I made all the mistakes, and learned all the lessons right?  I thought I had it all figured out. I finally got a handle on the fact that joy was within and I could stop running finally.

And then COVID and protests and riots and our government’s constant upending came crashing in.  What happened to me after this turn of events, likely happened to many of us.

We all found ourselves looking for new ways to experience joy.  I don’t know about you, but I am more aware of myself, my needs and wants than ever, and things that used to be true are no longer.  I was just over the “busy” of life. Things that I did in my free time now had lesser meaning.   So for me, instead of changing the world with a yakety-yak yak about joy, the world changed me. As did the masters and influencers of joy that I had been interviewing. I even embraced me and learned this time was heartbreaking, and painful and delightful to be in it all.  I have taken my own message of finding, being, and sharing joy to a whole new level.

In September 2020, My husband and I decided to open a little antique shop.  Holy smokes, what fun! One of my first purchases was a $2 painting that I valued (based on research on the antique sites) to be at $95.  It is just glorious learning about others’ treasures, where they have come from, and how I got to hold them in my hands.

That joy has fueled new hope in my life, I found joy again, I am being joyful again on a daily basis.  Now I am sharing that joy by being a facilitator of joy,  from those that know at the core of their being how to live joyely, to those who want to make joy a priority.

Elle Hunt, write states this in The JOY Audit: “So, as with any goal, the first step to a joyful life is to make it a priority – which may mean you need to let go of other commitments – and then do the work.  In other words, we need to start taking joy seriously.”

So do comment, post, and carry on a conversation with us. We are on social media at @JOYELY, @JOYELYSTUDIOS, and keep on practicing your mindfulness activities via the MAYO CLINIC advice. Or by simply sitting still and breathing.  Or you might check out these online programs that are amazing no matter what level of joy you are enjoying ;).

There are many people being gathered to share their joyely stories and we hope you are one of them.

In Joy,
Sheryl Lynn,
The CHAIR of Joy

The more she studied and lived this life of joy, the more people entered her life who also have their own powerful force fields. Experiencing connection after connection, and extending invitations to some “joy matches”, Sheryl soon had the tangible cornerstones of which had been whirling around in her heart. These are the Though Leaders, founding finances, a core inner team, and her developing story around JOYELY.

Some people have a light that refuses to grow dimmer. Instead, the light becomes such a bright force over the course of a lifetime that they, themselves, have become their own energy source.

Sheryl Lynn, founder of JOYELY is one such light. Emerging at a time where it is more important than ever to cultivate that light- the light of health and healing that qualifies as nothing less than miraculous, the light of doing what had previously only been imaginary, the light of prospering financially— what Sheryl has discovered, with the help of her followers is that Joy, when mastered is the key to a life worth living.

The pieces came together over the course of the pursuit that took Sheryl’s flame into the full-blown energetic force of the sun itself: the journey from a college education, to a career, to children, to a Las Vegas-living, burlesque-dancing, motivational-speaking events-producing powerhouse! While on that journey, she realized that all of her choices had something in common: they were made in joy with the open objective of obtaining even more joy.

Sheryl is always grateful to her family and the company they built together over the last 20 years, Burst Management, LLC.

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