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The Origin Story

When Sheryl was 8 years old, she stood up from a crouched down position and in an instant, her life changed.  It had been a joyful afternoon of playing in the sandbox, building mountains and moats with her shovel, using leaves, rocks, and sticks as decorations for the castle walls.

“SHERYL!!!!!!”  Her oldest brother yelled out her name, and as she turned her head to see what the heck was going on she heard the noise, the crack, the shuttering noise of a baseball hitting her square in the face. Yes, excruciating pain and a broken nose were the result. There was blood everywhere. She was told to be quiet, to stop crying, stop making a mess, and stop getting blood all over everything. Or at least that is how she remembers it.  Her life all but stopped.

The next minutes and days and months and 30 years after that was all a blur. When the baseball struck and broke her nose that lazy summer July day, she became disfigured, not only physically,  but emotionally, and mentally as well. Sheryl allowed that very hardball to break the steady stream of joy she had going from my heart to the world and back.

And we all have stories like this, tragedies, traumas that cause suffering.  It is part of our human experience. It leads us to all the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, and happiness. It is what makes life go around and around. And yet in all of it, there is joy.  Sheryl learned eventually, that joy is free and that joy is in sitting still. Armed with this knowledge, she has made joy a focus for herself and others.  Sheryl now has created an opportunity for others to create their own opportunities to remember joy.

And so the journey to joy begins. Again. Will you join Sheryl in her curious quest of unpacking joy for all.

Short Biography

Sheryl Lynn’s leadership ability and experiences help her approach client issues with a practical, solutions-based focus. Her experience includes roles as the founder and owner of a successful family-owned consulting firm, where she was the director of marketing and public relations. She was also the business development director for several firms in the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Sheryl led organizations where she worked with business owners and entrepreneurs on their business, marketing and strategic plans, team and leadership development, and creating effective marketing efforts.

Now as the founder of JOYELY Studios, Sheryl creates mindful practices and experiences to shift the collective consciousness towards making joy the dominant vibration on the planet.  Sheryl’s touchstone is her Chair of Joy, a beautiful white padded throne with gold trim; she invites executives, thought leaders, musicians, celebrities, politicians, and other influencers to tell stories of what brings them joy while seated either in her Chair or their own — and magic happens pure and simple.

The coaching model Sheryl uses is mindfulness-based.  As JOYELY unfolds, Sheryl will continue to gather Leaders of Joy, creating a dynamic and delightful organization with joy at the center. Together, we are assisting executives and emerging leaders of larger organizations to lead with joy.  Sheryl courageously and relentlessly facilitates programs, products, and services to implement joy in every organization, association, as well as in the communities she works with. At the very core of all human existence is joy, and since joy and expanding joy is what we all strive for, Sheryl will continue to focus on joy with her clients so they can navigate their way to a joy enhanced highly productive corporate culture.

The more she studied and lived this life of joy, the more people entered her life who also have their own powerful force fields. Experiencing connection after connection, and extending invitations to some “joy matches”, Sheryl soon had the tangible cornerstones of which had been whirling around in her heart. These are the Thought Leaders, founding finances, a core inner team, and her developing story around JOYELY.

Some people have a light that refuses to grow dimmer. Instead, the light becomes such a bright force over the course of a lifetime that they, themselves, have become their own energy source.

Sheryl Lynn, founder of JOYELY is one such light. Emerging at a time where it is more important than ever to cultivate that light- the light of health and healing that qualifies as nothing less than miraculous, the light of doing what had previously only been imaginary, the light of prospering financially— what Sheryl has discovered, with the help of her followers is that Joy, when mastered is the key to a life worth living.

The pieces came together over the course of the pursuit that took Sheryl’s flame into the full-blown energetic force of the sun itself: the journey from a college education, to a career, to children, to a Las Vegas-living, burlesque-dancing, motivational-speaking events-producing powerhouse! While on that journey, she realized that all of her choices had something in common: they were made in joy with the open objective of obtaining even more joy.

Sheryl is always grateful to her family and the company they built together over the last 20 years, Burst Management, LLC.

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