Welcome to JOYELY!

It gives me so much joy that you are here!

When I was 8 years old, I stood up from my crouched down position. It had been a joyful afternoon of playing in the sandbox, building mountains and moats with my shovel, using leaves and rocks and sticks as decorations for the castle walls. As I stood, I heard my name and I turned my head. The next moment and 30 years after that was all a blur. When the baseball broke my nose that lazy summer July day, I became disfigured, not just physically but emotionally, and mentally as well. I allowed that very hardball to break the steady stream of joy I had going from my heart to the world and back.

I felt ugly. I became invisible. I did everything to stay safe and unnoticed.

The good news, we all have a broken story and yet many have gone on to be the best leaders in the world. Here are 21 famous people who refused to give up, but I am sure you have your own examples of those that beat the odds and lived their dreams.  I feel like I am one of them. I always could see, hear, and feel the joy in others even when they could not! But what do you do with that gift!?

Well, I tried lots of things. At my bar and grill, I pulled people onto the floor and danced with them, in my 15 years as a Realtor, I mostly worked with people who thought they didn’t have a chance to ever own a home. I worked my ass off to get keys to a house they could call their own. While building Women’s Celebrations, I created platforms for women to be seen and heard. Also, in Green Apron, my cooking club, community members were in the spotlight as they taught guests how to prepare something healthy and delicious. Beautiful Life Productions was for entrepreneurs to create videos and tell stories about why they had the service or product that consumers simply had to have. At Burst Management, our family’s company, my role was to assist in building dreams for amazing young brands and CEO’s of all ages in the CPG Industry.

And now JOYELY, a brand that is true to my heart and my life’s work. The mission is to see and hear all people, especially those that sit in the chair.  The stories that are being shared by people are truly amazing.  People from all walks of life are showing up, those already on the national stage to volunteers at a local non-profit, all are impactful leaders, all have unique gifts and most importantly, they are stepping forth to seen and heard.

I hope that you will join JOYELY, as a participant in the chair or as a leader of joy. Either way, you will help build out a structure for your wildest dreams.

Thank you for walking with me on this journey as we continue to focus on JOY through interviews at events, both on and offline. Our focus is to focus on joy.

The unfolding of JOYELY has been nothing short of miraculous from the very beginning. The idea and essence of JOYELY preceded the name, so many years ago. Yet it is very much my love project and comes from my own desire to heal and live joyfully. I manifested JOYELY and I am now creating a place for you, as you explore a new calling to desire, a transition into practice, and from there, move brilliantly onto your own stage as I did.

Come take a seat, you’re worth it.

In Joy,
Sheryl Lynn
JOYELY, Founder

Some people have a light that refuses to grow dimmer. Instead, the light becomes such a bright force over the course of a lifetime that they, themselves, have become their own energy source.

Sheryl Lynn, founder of JOYELY is one such light. Emerging at a time where it is more important than ever to cultivate that light- the light of health and healing that qualifies as nothing less than miraculous, the light of doing what had previously only been imaginary, the light of prospering financially— what Sheryl has discovered is the key. And that key is joy.

The pieces came together over the course of the pursuit that took Sheryl’s flame into the full-blown energetic force of the sun itself: the journey from a college education, to a career, to children, to a Las Vegas-living, burlesque-dancing, motivational-speaking events-producing powerhouse! While on that journey, she realized that all of her choices had something in common: they were made in joy with the open objective of obtaining even more joy.

The more she studied and lived this life of joy, the more people entered her life who also have their own powerful force fields. Experiencing connection after connection, and extending invitations to some “joy matches”, Sheryl soon had the tangible cornerstones of which had been whirling around in her heart. These are the Sages, founding finances, a core inner team and her developing story around JOYELY.

Sheryl is always grateful to her family and the company they built together over the last 20 years, Burst Management, LLC.