Meet the Crew

Meet JOYELY’s dedicated crew, the heartbeat of our transformative movement. Anchored by passion and unwavering commitment, they wear their vibrant yellow and white hues, standing out as community catalysts. They foster unity, connection, and celebration on every adventure. Their vision is distinct and their purpose unwavering: they don’t just imagine a joy-filled world – they’re actively creating it. Join us in honoring their essential role in guiding communities towards the power of living joyely ever after.

Reginald ``Reggie`` Mateo

Results Director

Meet Reggie Mateo, the Result Director at Joyely, an embodiment of positivity, tenacity, and spirited leadership. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing Management, he masterfully deciphers business dynamics, crafting impeccable marketing and sales strategies.

John Rayan


John’s blend of technological mastery and strategic acumen fortifies the brand’s stature in a fiercely competitive domain. Transitioning to JOYELY, LLC, John channels his expertise, empowering souls digitally and amplifying joy and positivity worldwide.

Burcu Onaranel - Erten

Marketing Director

Burcu Onaranel – Erten stands at the unique intersection of heartfelt advocacy for joy and razor-sharp marketing expertise. As the linchpin behind JOYY LLC and the Chief Joy Officer of JOYELY LLC, her strategic vision transcends traditional marketing. She crafts narratives that resonate deeply, turning abstract emotions like ‘joy’ into tangible experiences.

Kim Bowers-Antolick

Sales Lead and Joyely Coach

Kim Bowers-Antolick shines brightly as the Provider Relations Specialist at Evangelical Community Hospital. Her unique blend of innate empathy and professional expertise has strengthened connections between healthcare providers and the communities they serve. With a deep-rooted passion for service, Kim’s journey has consistently showcased her commitment to enhancing patient experiences and outcomes.

Deanna Leonard

Corporate Consultant and Coach

Deanna Leonard, a seasoned senior executive in marketing & communications in various companies, epitomizes the fusion of radiant joy and cutting-edge leadership in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. Boasting an academic foundation spanning Communication, Engineering, and Global Business Economics, Deanna’s path is a testament to unyielding innovation and passion.

Marc Segelnick

Finance Consultant

Meet Marc Segelnick, a distinguished figure in the financial services realm, currently serving as the Managing Director of Clutch Capital MGNT. With a career spanning back to 1995, Marc’s journey has been marked by his commitment to excellence and unwavering integrity. With extensive experience in the financial services industry, Marc Segelnick has cultivated a reputation as a financial maven. His profound insights and strategic acumen have guided clients towards achieving their financial goals.

Michael Robinson


Meet Michael Robinson, the dynamic force behind a premier CPG consulting company. As a trailblazer in the world of consumer packaged goods, his innovative strategies and deep expertise have been instrumental in refining industry benchmarks. Every strategic decision Michael makes is a testament to his commitment to excellence and his innate ability to understand the evolving landscape of CPG.

Dean Forbes


Dean Forbes is a luminary in sales innovation, radiating joy and transformative leadership. As Founder of EPEX Academy, Inc. and a driving force behind Joyely, LLC, Dean reshapes sales with authenticity and values. His ASQ™ model, a pinnacle of his 20+ year career, revolutionizes selling by emphasizing human connection and empathy.

Jennifer Cavender


From her early days as a standout CPA to her present role as the dynamic COO of Joyely, LLC, Jennifer Cavender has seamlessly melded joy with astute business acumen. With two decades in public accounting, Jennifer’s talent for fostering growth, mentoring adeptly, and strategizing with precision became unmistakable. Recognized as one of “40 under 40 CPAs” and a “Remarkable Woman,” her accolades reflect her dedication and prowess.

Sheryl Lynn

Founder & Visionary

Sheryl Lynn, the visionary founder of JOYELY and architect of The Chair of Joy™ Experience, is an epitome of transformative joy. From authoring insights to hosting podcasts, her footprints across the global Movement of Joy are undeniable. Pioneering a metacognitive strategy that merges the essence of Sit, Breathe, Think, and Feel, she offers the world a universal lexicon of joy, kindling connections that resonate deeply.
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