2021 Episode 50 – Dan Prosser – JOYELY, FEEL BETTER NOW

2021 Episode 50 – Dan Prosser

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August 6, 2021
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August 14, 2021

Dan Prosser is the CEO and Founder of Faster Growth Strategies. He teaches CEO entrepreneurs and their teams to design and execute a strategy to make themselves an “INC. 5000-Caliber” revenue growth company. He teaches business owners how to change their perspectives of themselves, their market, their business, and their employees, to free them up to take radically disruptive actions to change the trajectory of their revenue growth.

Dan uses Promise-Based Management Technology to transform the thinking of every member of the team(s) to turn a deliberately designed, seemingly-impossible strategy, into taking promised actions the team has committed to take together.

He has nearly 50 years as a business owner successfully building and selling 3 companies while showing how others can grow outside their team’s current perspective of what is truly possible. Dan is also the bestselling author of “THIRTEENERS: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy – and How Yours Can Be One of Them.”

Listen to this uplifting JOYELY Podcast episode with Dan Prosser about helping your team work together to change their perspective and produce top results.

Here are some of the uplifting topics covered on this week’s show:

• How to create connectedness through strategy to make a great place to work.
• Why good company culture produces better results than 60% of other companies.
• Why giving individuals a sense of purpose and belonging in their work helps produce a company culture of joy.
• The importance of leaving behind a joyful legacy in the people you’ve touched and collaborated with.

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