Joy | Life Coach | Public & Motivational Speaker - Joyely

JOYELY creates mindful practices and experiences to shift the collective consciousness towards making joy the dominant vibration on the planet. JOYELY focuses on the BUSINESS OF JOY, by providing tools to combat the steamrolling of joy, so that feeling joyful can overturn the pressures that often consume us. To symbolize the offering provided with the JOYELY experience, JOYELY employs an iconic white leather diamond-tufted chair. This Chair of Joy™ reminds us how to be still so we can recall, rediscover, and relive joy.

JOYELY’s processes and methodology have shown that when people take the time to learn, focus on, and prioritize joy, they soon discover that joy is the answer they have been searching for.

JOYELY has partnered with successful thought leaders, leaders of joy if you will, from all over the world to bring the very best offerings and insights about joy to all.