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JOYELY is a holistic term that describes a vibrant lifestyle that includes happiness, yet goes deeper. And it’s elevated to go beyond just the occasional state of joy. We have observed hundreds of people of all ages access, sustain, and activate the highest calibrated emotion known to humankind, Joy.

Living JOYELY is what we do.

“Every day I hear stories about people who have discovered their Chair of Joy™ and are transformed because of it.”

Sheryl Lynn, Founder


Sheryl Lynn is the CHAIR of Joy and Chief Visionary Officer of Joyely. She evokes joy everywhere she goes. She is an Advisor and Thought Council Member of the C-Suite Network. The more Sheryl studied and lived a life of joy, the more people entered her life who also wanted to tap into their joy superpowers.  Experiencing connection after connection, and extending invitations to some “joy matches”, Sheryl soon had the tangible cornerstones of which had been whirling around in her heart. These are the Thought Leaders, founding finances, a core inner team, and her developing story around JOYELY.