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Global Ambassadors

As JOYELY Global Ambassadors, we bring together an exceptional collective of trailblazers rooted in the profound practices of harmony and healing. Our mission goes beyond just seeking joy; we’re at the forefront of a global movement, turning chaos into calm and rendering suffering manageable. Together, as JOYELY Ambassadors, we’re sparking innovation and gaining fresh perspectives through the transformative Chair of Joy Experience: Sit, Breathe, Think, Feel.

Jennifer Cavender


From her early days as a standout CPA to her present role as the dynamic COO of Joyely, LLC, Jennifer Cavender has seamlessly melded joy with astute business acumen. With two decades in public accounting, Jennifer’s talent for fostering growth, mentoring adeptly, and strategizing with precision became unmistakable. 

Burcu Onaranel - Erten

Marketing Director

Burcu Onaranel – Erten stands at the unique intersection of heartfelt advocacy for joy and razor-sharp marketing expertise. As the linchpin behind JOYY LLC and the Chief Joy Officer of JOYELY LLC,  She crafts narratives that resonate deeply, turning abstract emotions like ‘joy’ into tangible experiences.

    Kim Bowers-Antolick

    Sales Lead and Joyely Coach

    Kim Bowers-Antolick shines brightly as the Provider Relations Specialist at Evangelical Community Hospital. Her unique blend of innate empathy and professional expertise has strengthened connections between healthcare providers and the communities they serve. With a deep-rooted passion for service.

    Dr. Paul Abell

      Dr. Paul Abell

      Bridging Eastern and Western Healing Arts for Lifelong Well-being

      A renowned practitioner and scholar in the field of healing arts, with a career spanning over five decades. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and passion for holistic health, he has dedicated his life to exploring the intricate nuances of both Eastern and Western healing practices. 

        Lynn Whitbeck

        Founder & CEO of Petite2Queen

        Introducing Lynn Whitbeck, the unrivaled Queen of Sales. With a proven track record, Lynn specializes in helping you secure more clients, revealing hidden profits, and delivering tangible results through her strategic sales approach. As the visionary Founder & CEO of Petite2Queen, Lynn is at the helm of a transformative platform that empowers individuals to achieve sales success. Her guidance transcends boundaries and resonates with a diverse audience.

        Leslie Moody

        As the Director of Opportunities at PassionHR

        Leslie Moody is more than just a professional; she embodies resilience, empowerment, and a genuine zest for life. As the Director of Opportunities at PassionHR Consulting in Huntsville, Alabama, Leslie champions the ethos of perfect alignment – where potential meets the right opportunity. But for Leslie, her work transcends traditional job placements. It’s about ensuring a synergy where individuals feel empowered, fulfilled, and truly at home in their roles.

        Jessy Heredia

        Unleashing Joyful Ripples Through Unapologetic Passion and Full-Hearted Living

        Margot Hallman

        Soulful Radiance

        Margot Hallman’s Luminous Impact, Illuminating Hearts with the Warmth of a Thousand Suns


          Reginald ``Reggie`` Mateo

          Results Director

          Meet Reggie Mateo, the Result Director at Joyely, an embodiment of positivity, tenacity, and spirited leadership. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing Management, he masterfully deciphers business dynamics, crafting impeccable marketing and sales strategies.

          Deanna Leonard

          Corporate Consultant and Coach

          Deanna Leonard, a seasoned senior executive in marketing & communications in various companies, epitomizes the fusion of radiant joy and cutting-edge leadership in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. Boasting an academic foundation spanning Communication, Engineering, and Global Business Economics, Deanna’s path is a testament to unyielding innovation and passion.

          Debbie Prediger

          Pioneering Joy, Empowerment, and Strong Communities

          Debbie Prediger: Empowerment Leader guiding world-changers, healers & visionaries to their highest calling. Authentic & warm, she fuels transformation through coaching, workshops & Online Course Creation. Trusted mentor, wisdom-sharer, and a force for positive change.

          Minx Boren

          Igniting Joy and Empowerment Worldwide

          Esteemed Master Certified Coach, Coach Minx, is poised to elevate their impact as a distinguished member of the esteemed JOYELY Ambassador Program. This collaboration marks a momentous stride in the pursuit of fostering joy, empowerment, and positivity within communities worldwide.

          Cynthia Peltier

          Community Catalyst for Citywide Empowerment and Joy

          Meet Cynthia Peltier, the dynamic Co-Founder and Director of the CommUnity Zone. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years in nonprofit organizations, Cynthia is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through strategic partnerships.

          Dr. Iris Van Nespen

          From ER to Joy's Epicenter - Reigniting Purpose in Physicians

          Meet Dr. Iris Van Nespen, an Emergency Room physician, a guiding light for fellow women physicians, and an inspiring keynote speaker. Her mission: to help all women reclaim joy and strength in every facet of their lives. Dr. Iris, once a physician, has transformed into a transformational coach.

          Erica Kesse

          Pioneering Joy and Leadership in the JOYELY Movement

          Erica Kesse is a transformational leader, known as the Leaders’ Healer and Founder of Your Goal Concierge, Inc. Her mission is to partner in movement towards a better future. With a passion for personal growth and development, Erica and her team provide a Person-Centered and Integrative Approach, offering safety, support, and enhancement to leaders.

          Herbert Lang

          Joyful Journeys & Kindness Courts

          An active speaker, actor, entrepreneur, motivator, and author, Herb “Flight Time” Lang is an 18-year former player and coach with the World-Famous Harlem Globetrotters. He is originally from Brinkley, Arkansas, where he was a former All-State standout student-athlete graduating at the top of his class while serving as senior class president.

          Theresa Rose

          Where Joy Meets Branding Acumen

          20+ Years of consulting, marketing, and business management experience drives Theresa’s strategic thinking, creativity, and sound foundational frameworks. Her career has included senior management roles in marketing and product development for a Fortune 100 company and high-growth startups.

          La’Keisha Sutton

          From Courts to Coaching – Lighting Up the World with Joy and Game

          From the dynamic courts of the Harlem Globetrotters to the esteemed halls of George School as the Varsity Girls Co-Head Basketball Coach, La’Keisha Sutton’s journey is a slam dunk story of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Known as ‘Swish’ during her Globetrotter days, she’s no stranger to the global basketball stage.

          Scott Schilling

          Championing Joy and Pioneering Transformative Success

          Scott Schilling is International Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today’s Challenges through his TV Show, Podcasts, speaking, training, consulting and coaching. Scott helps individuals and organizations systematically grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.

          Metta World Peace

          Dribbling with Joy from Courts to Communities

          Known by his dynamic alias, Metta World Peace, Ron Artest has seamlessly transitioned from a remarkable basketball career to a new chapter of community leadership. As the Founder and Chairman of Artest Management Group, he continues to make waves beyond the court. Ron’s journey began as a standout basketball player, known for his tenacity and skill. 

          Trevor Perry

          Trevor Perry's Jubilant Journey

          Trevor was born in a small town in the outback of Australia. He was raised on a vineyard from the age of four, in a valley surrounded by (what is known in Australia as) the bush. His youth was spent pondering the mysteries of the universe, and generally finding mischief in all its forms – without the convenience of television.

          Rebecca Gold

          Guiding Women to Triumph

          Meet Rebecca Gold, a Certified Life Coach with over a decade of experience empowering women to conquer fears, surmount challenges, and kindle vibrant lives.
          With ten years of dedicated coaching experience, Rebecca has been a beacon of support for women seeking to transform their lives.

          Terese Parkin

          Embodiment of Joyful Transformation and Ageless Elegance

          Meet Terese Parkin, a beacon of inspiration, an accomplished consultant, a published author, and the visionary founder of Ageless Beauty. Her journey is a testament to empowerment and the pursuit of timeless beauty.

          Steve Turney

          Mental Health Marketing Conference - Connecting Professionals and Advocating for Change and Joy!

          A true leader of joy in the mental health community, helms the Mental Health Marketing Conference, scheduled for this November in Nashville, Tennessee. 

          Deborah Roth

          Your Guide to Transformative Life Coaching

          Meet Deborah Roth, a seasoned Life & Relationship Coach and Interfaith Minister with a profound passion for guiding individuals through life’s most intricate transitions. With over 20 years of experience, Deborah has been a guiding light for clients navigating the challenges of life. From career changes to complex relationship dynamics and even profound life transitions like retirement or loss, she’s witnessed it all.

          Kitty Rowell

          Transforming Organizations for Success

          Kitty Rowell’s accomplished expertise as a catalyst for change comes from many years of “rolling up her sleeves and getting it done” everywhere she’s worked. She has collaborated with some of the world’s most successful organizations’ management teams to design and implement new practices in leadership, teamwork, sales, planning, customer service, manufacturing and financial management. 

          Eric Hall

          Positively Impacting Mental Wellness

          Eric Hall is a highly qualified and compassionate mental health professional and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Minds Healthcare, PLLC. He is a board-certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) based in North Carolina. Eric earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Criminal Justice from Fayetteville State University (FSU).

          Rachel Vasquez

          A Grief Warrior's Journey to Healing and Purpose

          Meet Rachel Vasquez, a true grief warrior, a dedicated mother of four incredible children, and a widow who embarked on a life-altering journey. Her story is one of resilience, transformation, and unwavering commitment to helping others who have suffered the profound loss of a partner or spouse.

          Sara Chevalier

          Architect of HERstory, Daring Bravely for Authentic Lives

          Meet Sara Chevalier, a true architect of HER story, who has fearlessly embarked on a transformative journey of authenticity and empowerment. With over 25 years of experience navigating life’s intricate paths, Sara’s story is a testament to the power of daring to be authentic and the pursuit of a life filled with passion and purpose.

          Carolina Migliaccio

          Nurturing Souls, Amplifying Truth, and Unleashing Dreams

          Carolina Migliaccio is not just a name; it’s a beacon of transformation and empowerment. Her journey from a corporate executive to a dynamic entrepreneur has shaped her into a soulful strategist, an international best-selling author, and an influential speaker. Carolina has a burning passion for helping others turn up the volume on their inner truths and dream louder.

          John Rayan


          John’s blend of technological mastery and strategic acumen fortifies the brand’s stature in a fiercely competitive domain. Transitioning to JOYELY, LLC, John channels his expertise, empowering souls digitally and amplifying joy and positivity worldwide.

          Lucie Hautreux

          Unveiling Lucie Hautreux: Your Passport to Personal Transformation and Empowerment

          With proficiency in four languages, Lucie understands the unique challenges faced by internationals undergoing significant life changes. Whether you’re transitioning from one business to another, from employee to entrepreneur, or from one country to another, 

          Robert White

          Pioneering CEO, Visionary Leader, and Inspirational Coach

          Robert White’s extensive experience as an entrepreneurial CEO in the personal and professional development industry has created a deep understanding of the personal and professional challenges faced by executives and owners for the imperative of a “results really matter” orientation.

          Kristina Coll

          Embrace Joy and Transformation with Kristina Coll - A Journey to Your True Self!

          Kristina’s true concern for others is the foundation of her approach. She listens intently to individual needs, offering a level of understanding and support that goes beyond the ordinary. Her flexibility and genuine nature bring inner peace to each day.

          Vicki Dau

            Vicki Dau

            Discover Joy and Empowerment: Vicki Dau's Transformative Journey and Services

            Meet Vicki Dau, a compassionate professional dedicated to strengthening marriages and fostering emotional well-being. Alongside her husband, Vicki draws from personal experience to navigate the unique challenges arising from past sexual abuse.

              Michael Robinson

              Innovator and Founder of Leading CPG Consulting Firm

              Meet Michael Robinson, the innovative Owner and Founder of a distinguished CPG consulting company. With his keen insights and strategic leadership, Michael is a guiding light in the dynamic world of consumer packaged goods.

              Mary Jo Whelan

              A dynamic property owner, entrepreneur, and coach who embodies resilience and resourcefulness in her journey to success.

              Undeterred by challenges, she embarked on a journey into real estate investing. Starting with renovating her basement into a rental apartment, she quickly recognized the potential of generating passive income through property ownership.

              Marc Segelnick

              Innovating Through Technology

              Marc’s journey has been marked by his commitment to excellence and unwavering integrity. With extensive experience in the financial services industry, Marc Segelnick has cultivated a reputation as a financial maven. His profound insights and strategic acumen have guided clients towards achieving their financial goals.

                Liz Gameiro

                Crafting Journeys of Discovery

                As an iCliGo Independent Travel Consultant, she navigates the world with curiosity and expertise, crafting unforgettable experiences for her clients. With a passion for adventure and a keen eye for detail, Liz curates personalized travel itineraries that reflect her clients’ unique desires and aspirations.

                  Kathy Sweeney

                  Crafting Sweet Memories and Delightful Treats

                  Kathy has always found pleasure in making homemade beautiful sweets as gifts for her loved ones. She has fond memories of baking with her grandmother ~pictured here~ as a child.

                  Darryll Stinson

                  From Survivor to Purpose-Driven Leader

                  Through a life-changing experience at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, I got a second chance and came to believe that my life mattered. I began the arduous journey of discovering what was my purpose in life.

                  Cindy Tschosik

                  Master Storyteller & Literary Guide

                  Meet Cindy Tschosik, a versatile professional known for her roles as a Book Coach, Ghostwriter, Developmental Editor, Professional Speaker, and Author. She’s the creative force behind SoConnected, LLC.

                    Cindi Di Iorio

                    Shaping Minds, Building Futures

                    She pursued an additional Masters degree in Educational Leadership, however took a break to raise her children while working in independent schools. Through the Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management, Cindi earned a professional certificate.

                      Catherine Lorraine Grant

                      Amy Baldwin

                      Embodies the essence of joy and empowerment in her community

                      As a dedicated United States Army Veteran with a background in security, administrative support, and law, Amy has an unwavering commitment to positive change. She consistently shows up with a real dedication to making a difference, takes bold actions to create a positive impact, and fearlessly embraces her unique qualities.

                      Michèle Vayn

                      Empowering Leaders and Inspiring Excellence

                      Michèle Vayn is a distinguished professional in the fields of leadership development and personal growth. As a Golden Circle Facilitator, she leverages her expertise to help individuals and organizations uncover their “why” and align their actions with their core values, fostering a culture of purpose and excellence. Her role as a leadership consultant has seen her advising leaders at various levels, providing insights that drive transformative change and enhance leadership capabilities.