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Global Ambassadors

As JOYELY Global Ambassadors, we bring together an exceptional collective of trailblazers rooted in the profound practices of harmony and healing. Our mission goes beyond just seeking joy; we’re at the forefront of a global movement, turning chaos into calm and rendering suffering manageable. Together, as JOYELY Ambassadors, we’re sparking innovation and gaining fresh perspectives through the transformative Chair of Joy Experience: Sit, Breathe, Think, Feel.

Ann Verdine-Jones

Inspiring Joy and Impact on HR and Beyond

Ann Verdine-Jones, MBA (ABD) is a Human Resource professional with more than 30 years of experience. While Ann has successfully managed all areas of HR, her recent ventures include consulting with organizations nationally on strategic initiatives, leadership development, cross-sectional team building and employee resource groups, and diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility.

Debbie Prediger

Pioneering Joy, Empowerment, and Strong Communities

Debbie Prediger: Empowerment Leader guiding world-changers, healers & visionaries to their highest calling. Authentic & warm, she fuels transformation through coaching, workshops & Online Course Creation. Trusted mentor, wisdom-sharer, and a force for positive change.

Minx Boren

Igniting Joy and Empowerment Worldwide

Esteemed Master Certified Coach, Coach Minx, is poised to elevate their impact as a distinguished member of the esteemed JOYELY Ambassador Program. This collaboration marks a momentous stride in the pursuit of fostering joy, empowerment, and positivity within communities worldwide.

Cynthia Peltier

CommUnity Catalyst for Citywide Empowerment and Joy

Meet Cynthia Peltier, the dynamic Co-Founder and Director of the CommUnity Zone. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years in nonprofit organizations, Cynthia is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through strategic partnerships.

Dr. Iris Van Nespen

From ER to Joy's Epicenter - Reigniting Purpose in Physicians

Meet Dr. Iris Van Nespen, an Emergency Room physician, a guiding light for fellow women physicians, and an inspiring keynote speaker. Her mission: to help all women reclaim joy and strength in every facet of their lives. Dr. Iris, once a physician, has transformed into a transformational coach.

Nathan E. Kraiem

Channeling Wharton Wisdom to Craft Joyful Thrones

I’ve been doing real estate for the last 20 years I’m currently working on a JV between my family and a developer to rezone some property for 1200 units. Actually do venture capital and a lot of other types of investments. So that’s why I have a Keen eye for businesses, look at investments all the time and I look at quality ideas all the time.

Erica Kesse

Pioneering Joy and Leadership in the JOYELY Movement

Erica Kesse is a transformational leader, known as the Leaders’ Healer and Founder of Your Goal Concierge, Inc. Her mission is to partner in movement towards a better future. With a passion for personal growth and development, Erica and her team provide a Person-Centered and Integrative Approach, offering safety, support, and enhancement to leaders.

Herbert Lang

Joyful Journeys & Kindness Courts

An active speaker, actor, entrepreneur, motivator, and author, Herb “Flight Time” Lang is an 18-year former player and coach with the World-Famous Harlem Globetrotters. He is originally from Brinkley, Arkansas, where he was a former All-State standout student-athlete graduating at the top of his class while serving as senior class president.

Theresa Rose

Where Joy Meets Branding Acumen

20+ Years of consulting, marketing, and business management experience drives Theresa’s strategic thinking, creativity, and sound foundational frameworks. Her career has included senior management roles in marketing and product development for a Fortune 100 company and high-growth startups.

La’Keisha Sutton

From Courts to Coaching – Lighting Up the World with Joy and Game

From the dynamic courts of the Harlem Globetrotters to the esteemed halls of George School as the Varsity Girls Co-Head Basketball Coach, La’Keisha Sutton’s journey is a slam dunk story of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Known as ‘Swish’ during her Globetrotter days, she’s no stranger to the global basketball stage, having also showcased her talent in countries like Taiwan, Finland, and Germany.

Metta World Peace

Dribbling with Joy from Courts to Communities

Known by his dynamic alias, Metta World Peace, Ron Artest has seamlessly transitioned from a remarkable basketball career to a new chapter of community leadership. As the Founder and Chairman of Artest Management Group, he continues to make waves beyond the court. Ron’s journey began as a standout basketball player, known for his tenacity and skill. Transitioning from the court to the boardroom, he founded Artest Management Group, showcasing his diverse talents and passion for empowering others.

Trevor Perry

Trevor Perry's Jubilant Journey

Trevor was born in a small town in the outback of Australia. He was raised on a vineyard from the age of four, in a valley surrounded by (what is known in Australia as) the bush. His youth was spent pondering the mysteries of the universe, and generally finding mischief in all its forms – without the convenience of television.

Scott Schilling

Championing Joy and Pioneering Transformative Success

Scott Schilling is International Executive Coach, Trainer, and Speaker committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today’s Challenges through his TV Show, Podcasts, speaking, training, consulting and coaching. Scott helps individuals and organizations systematically grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.

Terese Parkin

Embodiment of Joyful Transformation and Ageless Elegance

Meet Terese Parkin, a beacon of inspiration, an accomplished consultant, a published author, and the visionary founder of Ageless Beauty. Her journey is a testament to empowerment and the pursuit of timeless beauty.

Steve Turney

Mental Health Marketing Conference - Connecting Professionals and Advocating for Change and Joy!

A true leader of joy in the mental health community, helms the Mental Health Marketing Conference, scheduled for this November in Nashville, Tennessee. As the executive director, Steve’s genuine smile and unwavering commitment are evident in his passion to connect mental health professionals and marketers.

Rebecca Gold

Guiding Women to Triumph

Meet Rebecca Gold, a Certified Life Coach with over a decade of experience empowering women to conquer fears, surmount challenges, and kindle vibrant lives. With ten years of dedicated coaching experience, Rebecca has been a beacon of support for women seeking to transform their lives.
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