Chair OF JOY™

I had found the Chair of Joy™.  I found a space to be quiet and still where my thoughts eased me into recognizing that I am in control, I am the center of my life and in this return back to my thoughts I could transmute the pain of an experience using only my thought patterns. I wanted to do this again! I wanted to return to this powerful space inside of myself. How could I duplicate this experience?

Fast forward twenty years, with many hours of practice and fine-tuning, I present this powerful, measurably impactful practice with you as Chair of Joy™ Experience. This is your Return on Joy (ROJ). 

Investing in ROJ was a personal choice knowing that push-pull dynamics, hard work, and worry were no longer a cause for concern.  I could sit in my Chair of Joy™ daily, three times a day, every day, and allow my beautiful memories to rise up in my heart and mind; I readied myself for miracles, with each focused moment.


The Message is Simple. 

You have the power to create what you want in your life. No money-chasing, addiction, or escape; only you and your thoughts.  You get to discover that the joy you’re seeking outside of yourself, in actuality,  lives within you.

You have the ability to experience wealth however that shows up for you. You will embody the understanding of how joy is the LIFE EXPANSION tool you have been looking for.  This internal joy is where peace, hope, and contentment dwell.  You have continuous access to this space right now and all day, every day, not “one day,” but this day. 

There is no broken nose or custody battle or anything really that can stop me from living the life I was born to live.  I get to decide what I create each day, and I decide that I have one job every day and that is to focus on making sure joy is the dominant vibration in my life.

People asked me all the time: how do you manage to be vivacious, centered, and thrilled to be alive?  I tried to explain, over and over again: “Sit still, breathe and think about joyful things”.  They still asked so I decided to show them. In March of 2020, I bought the big audacious chair that we now call the Chair of Joy™.

When I ask people to sit in it, they literally do sit still, breathe and think about joyful things, because I asked them to feel it for themselves! Now, there are no more questions. People feel a profound shift in themselves, and they can’t wait to tell others and do it again.

My broken nose was fixed in 2004 with Rhinoplasty Surgery.   However, the true ‘surgery’ has been of a lifetime of healing I call ‘LIFE EXPANSION’.   I know that I am healthy, smart, a good mom, friend, and partner, and a productive member of society because I focus on JOY and what’s working in my life. I know, without asking others, that I  am valuable in the world.  

I sit in my Chair of Joy™  three times a day, every day…I accept and implement the gifts that are given to me, whichever form they take, for I know that it will elevate my life and the lives of others. It is a fun and exciting way to live, a lifestyle that works for me, and I have no doubt that it will work for you too.

Chair of Joy™ Movement

A movement brings people together to form a collective identity with a shared goal or set of values. 

We are creating change through sustained collective action that challenges social, political, and environmental injustice; change at the foundational level, of the everyday choices and actions that we make. Starting with the Foundation of Joy, the social aspect. 

Movements are innately chaotic and graceful, iterative and innovative. Forward momentum requires individuals and organizations to create new ways to disrupt the status quo. They need Leadership and Leaders who take action. 

We have a vision and we have started on a course that has unrealized potential – What could our world look like if humanity collectively focused on JOY? What if movements for Voting Rights, Climate Justice, Healthcare, Racial Injustice, Income disparity, Food Insecurity, and  Social Inequality were approached from a lens of Joy-focused, action-centered vibrancy? What if we focused on enacting actual change; to move from a place of focusing on lack to a centrally focused strive for our individual and collective right to abundance and collective prosperity.

I’m not asking you to put your toe in the water; I’m asking you to dive in. This is a lifetime commitment. A commitment that not only serves you but the collective. 

My focal point is to support the individuals and organizations currently invested or interested in leading the movement of Joy;  impacting people and our planet today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

How do you see yourself in this movement for joy, where can you make the biggest impact? We want you. We need you. It is time to move away from stoic individualism towards passionate and vibrant action that celebrates both individuals and the safety to live within a diverse and joy-filled world. 


Meet Captain “T” Thompson -Chair of Joy™ Experience – December 2020
Captain T inspires us to make decisions from the “Chair of Joy™,”  vs in a chair of frustration, anger, and worry.


On his first day of high school, Captain ‘T’ was escorted by US Marshals and the South Carolina Highway Patrol as he helped to integrate the previously all-white school in his Deep South hometown. Against overwhelming social and systematic challenges he went on to graduate with:

– National Merit academic honors
– All-American honors in football
– AAU recognition in track
– Appointments to two United States Service Academies

After graduating from the Academy, Captain ‘T’ has gone on to enjoy an eclectic, multifaceted and storied professional career.

In September of 2020, we tipped the E over to create an image of a person sitting still.  This symbol represents the essence of our JOYELY community. We believe that true joy is an experience within yourself, ultimately and always available. In these moments of quiet reflection is when we allow ourselves to be joyely. We suggest that you can RECALL joy into the moment and carry it with you for a while, a day, or maybe forever.


Sometimes a chair is more than just a chair. Seats are pedestrian; they’re everywhere we go. That commonness, if we’re not paying attention, can let the sitter go unnoticed. The beauty within goes unseen—that is, without the right questions and frame to draw it out.

To break the common perception, it helps to have an uncommon chair. History didn’t frame The Mona Lisa in plywood. She’s wrapped by dignity worthy of her beauty. The same standard applies to you and to anyone walking by. Each is waiting for a chair that hints at the joy bubbling beneath the surface. They’re waiting for their throne, and most don’t even recognize they deserve such an honor.

We’ve crafted a frame for living, breathing Mona Lisas (and Larrys). It’s a simple throne that sets the stage to reveal the beauty and release the joy.


Many have hidden their joy and from everyone for too long. They’ve overlooked you for the last time. Our mission is to help the world discover the beauty and joy we see within.

As much as it is about the chair, it’s not about the chair. The chair’s unimportant. It could be a folding chair from Costco with a couple of coats of gold spray paint. Or one from a yard sale. It’s about you, and all the people sitting on it. YOU make it royal and you bestow dignity to it.

Katheryn Hepburn was famous for making the simplest of clothes elegant just because of how she wore them. Some people can make a burlap sack look better than Versace. Others can make Louis Vuitton look like it came from Walmart.

In our vision, we believe that inside of everyone there’s a hidden Hepburn (so to speak). There’s more to you than meets the eye, more than even you can see in yourself.

Chair of Joy™ is the canvas for the painter, the wheel for the potter, the piano for the musician.

We want to ask you the right questions and with training, we can make any seat transformative. With practice, a skilled question asker can make a couple of stools on a bare stage utterly unforgettable.

All people want to be seen, to be understood, to be valued. It’s criminal that so few people take the time to dig deep enough to see those things. Chair of Joy™ is a throne that helps grease the skids a bit and gets things moving. Then it provides a fitting frame when everyone sees the true beauty and joy now sitting there. And that is you.

Come, take a seat. You’re worth it.

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