Live Your Dream in the Road of Life by feeling JOY
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Your Best Music
February 20, 2020
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My Stage-Find, Share and Be JOYELY
March 17, 2020
Your Best Music
February 20, 2020
my stage
My Stage-Find, Share and Be JOYELY
March 17, 2020
live your dream

Live your dream by feeling the JOY

The road of life can be long, but it also won’t go on forever. That’s why it is so important to make the most of every single moment you are fortunate enough to experience. There are many paths that we can take, and some are closer to our purpose than others. Some roads you go down lead far from your truth, whereas other roads take you exactly to where you should be.

Taking the time to find your own path, be dedicated to it, and share the fruits of your experiences with others should be your life’s mission. There is nothing more important, gratifying, and natural than pursuing your path with your arms wide open.

Everyone has competencies, feelings, and interests that come naturally to them. These are signposts pointing to your truth.

Do you feel a great deal of happiness when you play music, dance, or juggle? Maybe you feel most natural while writing computer programs, or raising children, or teaching others. It could even be something as simple as sitting and focusing on your breath.

Whatever takes you to that place of passion is incredibly important. Denying a part of yourself and forgetting your dreams can make you feel hopeless and empty. You and I both know that you deserve better than that.

Today, you can find your path and become something you never thought possible.

To begin on your path, you have to first know which direction to go. There are countless people who discover their dream when it’s too late, or not at all. Don’t let that be you! If you don’t already know what you need as much as air, then bravely venture into yourself to figure it out. If you do this with sincerity and focus, your dream will become clearer and clearer before your eyes.

Truly understanding your dream means truly understanding yourself. Put genuine focus into self-discovery and your life’s path will become clear.

There are many, many ways to do this. Some choose to meditate and journal every day. Others find that long hikes in nature can be immensely helpful. Simply sitting down and visualizing what might be right for you can provide a great deal of insight.

But thinking and theorizing isn’t enough. You have got to go out from your mind and into the world. If you think you want to become a tailor, take a sewing class. Think teaching yoga might be your calling? Try teaching just one friend face to face. And why not try things you have never even considered before? You might be surprised to find a hidden calling.

What if you have no idea what your dream could be? Well, that can be very exciting! Try all kinds of different things, extreme and subtle. Try a new sport or a new type of food. Start a new job, or get involved in your community garden. Why not ride a yak in the Himalayas? Be versatile and have flexible considerations to discover new things about yourself and your passions.

When you suspect that you have found your dream, often times resistance and self-doubt knock at your door. Beware! They can kill a dream before it begins to grow. You, and those around you, can cook up ten-thousand reasons why you shouldn’t pursue your dream. But, when you look at most of those reasons in the face, you will realize that they aren’t genuine reasons. They are just weights that prevent you from taking off and flying.

Once you believe you have discovered what you want to do, it’s time to do it. However, if you want to be an opera singer, and you are having trouble singing in tune and rolling your “R’s”, then you must figure out how to improve.

Some things you have natural talents for, others you don’t. No matter where you are, you have to focus on improving your craft for it to be what you envision. Dreams are ethereal and esoteric in nature, so to breathe life into them in this world requires understanding, patience, conviction, and precision.

First, BE in a physical, mental, and spiritual space where you are able to express yourself fully. To do well with this, it is vital that your environment is free of distractions, and that you believe in yourself and your dream. Care for your mental strength, and intentionally think positively about your goal. Then, seek to improve your skills.

If you want to become a world-class juggler, you have to start by learning how to throw and catch a pin. Then two. Then three, and then four. Experiment with other objects. Move on to balls, rings, and flaming chainsaws. By practicing, you will gradually get better, and you will become what you want to be.

Once you understand what to practice, practice it well. Practice with intention. If you want to be a doctor, read medical literature every day and do surgeries. If you want to be a writer, write consistently, and in many different genres. Sometimes focus on grammar, then learning new words, then studying the writings of others.

The more intention in your practice, the faster and better you will be moving on your life path.

Perhaps the most important part of all of this is actually living your dream! Once you have discovered what it is, dedicate yourself to moving your life into that dream. Be free in what you create, letting go of all doubts about your capabilities or the merit of your dream. Just be in the moment creating, crafting, doing. What could be better?

Paint your painting, dance your dance, write your story. Whatever you believe is what you are meant to do, do it. Dive deep into yourself and resurface with the sincerest reflection of your truth that you can muster.

Maybe after all this work of practicing, and of finding your dream, you still have cold feet about action. Sometimes, the mere thought of doing the work to bring something into reality can be as intimidating as climbing a tall and treacherous mountain. In this case, it may be unbelievable that you feel a great deal of resistance for the thing you decided is your dream.

But the intensity of this feeling is just a result of the great passion you feel for your dream. You care about it so much that you don’t want to screw it up! Trust yourself, and know that you can discover a great love, deeper than you thought imaginable, by simply taking the first step towards action.

Decide to start, and the rest will come naturally. The trepidation that you felt will melt away when you are in harmony with your dream.

Remember your ABC’s— Always Be Creating. Living your dream can take a long time to even do, but when you start, the personal rewards are incomparable. Continually create and put forth the effort.

To SHARE your dream is so important to you as a craftsman, artist, comedienne, designer, or whatever you are passionate about. Not only because you can affect others positively, but because the world will give you feedback.

Opinions can be taken with a grain of salt. But if your intention was to build a comfortable chair for others, and everyone who sits in it complains about a nail sticking out of the seat, it could be time to reconsider your creation. Sharing is a tool for you just as important to your dream as getting better at your work.

Some dreams are naturally a form of sharing. If you are a performer, then your goal is to show your best possible performance for others. If this is the case, always be open to the endless realm of possibilities. Share your truth with as many people as possible, in as many situations as possible. If you normally dance in a studio, or on stage, go out into a public park and perform.

Other dreams don’t have as much need for sharing. If you are a painter, you can sit at home (or perhaps up in a mountain), make your art, and never show it to a soul. There is nothing wrong with that. But the world will be missing the incredible beauty that you are creating! You can make the world better by sharing yourself with it, and it can make you better by reacting to what you create.

Sharing your life with the world can help you understand how to create better, or it can completely change what you believe your dream to be. Even focusing on improving yourself can cause you to reconsider how you share what you do.

Dedicate yourself to living your dream, and you can redefine it continually so that you can come closer to the truth. Understanding yourself, improving your ability, creating art, and sharing it is an ongoing process. It is a meandering journey that can be playful, surprising, exciting, but always fulfilling.

Start on your path of joy today. Make your dream happen and let us know how we can help!

Jordan set out at a young age to FIND his life path. He discovered that his best joy was in creating all kinds of art. From poetry to stories to music to paintings! And now Jordan is BEING his joy, by writing songs, teaching others, and studying visual art.

Jordan strives to create the best art he can every day. Now, he SHARES his process with you, to help you understand yourself, discover your passion, and live your dream.

Some simple tools to get started can be found in our online programs, the 30-day mediation is a strong way to start.  That’s a really good one.  Do you feel like a morning reminder about joy? Just OPT-IN here for free JOY Coaching.  See you on this side of joy!

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