An Online School for

Meditation, Happiness, and Empowerment

The Joy Within is an Online School for Meditation, Happiness, and Personal Empowerment.

♦ Our Mission
To inspire peace, prosperity, and joy.

♦ We Believe…
Joy creates prosperity, in any form you can imagine.

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Get started with our 30-day Introduction to Meditation.

Learn how to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and increase the peace and happiness you feel, every day.

  • Module 1: Getting Started with the Breath
  • Module 2: Finding Stillness
  • Module 3: Exploring the Breath
  • Module 4: Tuning-In to the Eternal Now
  • Module 5: Guiding Your Thoughts
  • Module 6: Meditation in Modern Life
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Workshop: Simple Secrets of Effortless Manifestation

Learn How to Raise Your Energy On-Command with our Workshop on Getting Into The Vortex.

  • Step 1: Find Your Point of Attraction
  • Step 2: Discover Your Natural Guidance
  • Step 3: Manage Your Thoughts
  • Step 4: Build Unstoppable Momentum
  • Step 5: Get Happy, On Command
  • Bonus: The Keys To Raise Your Energy
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Everything in your life is a reflection of your state of mind. 

In this 30-day program, you’ll learn how to shift your perspective and start attracting prosperity into your life.

  • Week 1: The Energy of Abundance
  • Week 2: Transcending Limiting Beliefs
  • Week 3: Embodying Your True Desire
  • Week 4: Witnessing Results in Your Life
  • Week 5: A New Day, A New Life
  • Bonus: The Keys To An Abundant Life

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