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Lewisburg Gears Up for JoyRise Event

Celebrating Unity and Hope

The JOYRISE Event in Lewisburg, PA marks the launch of the inaugural “City of Joy” initiative, led by JOYELY LLC. Both JOYELY and CommUNITY Zone are fully dedicated to fostering community well-being, advancing social inclusivity, and cultivating a positive culture. This signifies a resolute and joyous commitment to prioritizing the fundamental understanding of what true joy can bring to families, businesses, and the entire community.

These two organization are cultivating a shared dialogue centered on the science of joy and the transformative potential of the Chair of Joy to invigorate and connect the community. At the event, you’ll find the iconic White Leather Diamond Studded Wing-Backed Chair alongside the Children’s Chair of Joy. These chairs not only offer fantastic photo opportunities but also serve as powerful symbols, signifying a joyful and united community spirit.

Community Collaboration: The event celebrates the strong spirit of collaboration within the Lewisburg community. This includes partnerships with purpose-driven events, and effective community leadership that have contributed to the betterment of the area.

Addressing Challenges: The JOYRISE event openly recognizes that, just like any other community, Lewisburg encounters its share of challenges, including mental health crises and social divisions. It underscores that these issues are not exclusive to Lewisburg but are universal. As part of the solutions discussed, the event will introduce the transformative “Chair of Joy Experience” to the audience, demonstrating that by simply sitting, breathing, thinking, and feeling, individuals can swiftly rediscover their path to joy.

Unity and Understanding: The primary purpose of the JOYRISE event is to foster unity, understanding, and collaboration among community members and leaders of joy. By coming together and listening to diverse perspectives, the event aims to bridge gaps, build connections, and work toward solutions that benefit everyone.

Positive Impact: Through these lively interactions, attendees become catalysts for creative solutions to pressing issues, infusing an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm. The ultimate objective is to set in motion a joyful ripple effect that brings hope and healing to the entire community.

Creating a Brighter Future: JOYRISE encourages the community to look forward to a brighter future by addressing current challenges collectively. By keeping the focus on positivity and collaborative action, the event aims to inspire individuals to remain optimistic about the community’s future.

The JOYRISE event in Lewisburg, PA, serves as a vibrant celebration of the community’s commitment, showcasing their inherent strengths and the profound connections that weave them together under the banner of “joy” and the empowering concept of the “Chair of Joy.” This event unites everyone in a spirited atmosphere of unity, understanding, and collaborative action.

The panel for the JOYRISE event in Lewisburg, PA, will feature prominent community figures who have made significant contributions to the ongoing development of the Lewisburg community. 

Cynthia Peltier – CommUNITY Zone

Cynthia Peltier, the dynamic Co-Founder and Director of the CommUnity Zone. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years in nonprofit organizations, Cynthia is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through strategic partnerships.

Mayor Kendy Alverez – Lewisburg City

The Honorable Kendy Alvarez serves as the Mayor for the Borough of Lewisburg. She is a community builder who connects people, organizations, and systems throughout the Greater Susquehanna River Valley. Her love of the region can be heard on the podcast “The 570h” where she joins friends to discuss living, working and playing in the 570.

Kendra Aucker – Evangelical Hospital

Kendra Aucker, a distinguished leader who serves as the President and CEO of the Evangelical Community Hospital. Kendra’s journey to this esteemed position has been marked by dedication and a deep commitment to the hospital’s mission.

Nicole Whitehead – Bucknell University

Dr. Nicole Whitehead, a distinguished professional in the fields of human resources, education, and business. With a versatile background, she has honed her skills in various industries, managing operations across multiple sites and taking on increasingly significant leadership roles.

Pastor Tim Hogan – Saint Paul’s United Church Of Christ

Tim Hogan, a pastor at Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ, whose unique journey from the corporate world to full-time ministry has enriched his vocation. With a background in corporate America, Timothy brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to his role as a pastor.

Susan Jordan – Susquehanna Valley Mediation

Susan Jordan, a seasoned professional in the realm of conflict transformation and non-profit management. With over a decade of experience in the field, Susan has dedicated her career to the art of mediation, striving to create harmony and resolution in the face of conflict.

Ryan McNally – Miller Center & Community Health Initiatives

Ryan McNally, a dedicated professional holding the position of Director at the Miller Center & Community Health Initiatives, part of the Evangelical Community Hospital. With a passion for community well-being and health initiatives, Ryan plays a pivotal role in making a positive impact.

Ellen Ruby – Lewisburg Downtown Partnership

Ellen Ruby, a seasoned professional serving as the Executive Director at the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership. With a wealth of experience in non-profit organization management, Ellen is a driving force behind the positive changes taking place in her community.

Moderators are Kim Bowers-Antolick, Amy Thomas, and Sheryl Lynn.

Kim Bowers-Antolick is an active member of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership and the  Founder of the Be Lighter Lifestyle. Amy Thomas is a Life Coach, one of the best as she is an enthusiastic leader, communicator, and relationship builder. Sheryl Lynn is the Visionary for the Chair of Joy™ Experience and Founder of JOYELY, LLC.

Audience Invited to Attend:

  • Local Community Leaders: Those who hold positions of influence and leadership within the Lewisburg, PA community, including community organizers, activists, and civic leaders.
  • Educational Leaders (teachers, counsellors, administrators): Professionals within the educational field, such as teachers, school counsellors, and administrators, who play a crucial role in supporting students’ mental well-being.
  • Youth Representatives: Young individuals from the community who can provide unique perspectives and insights into the mental health needs of their generation.
  • Mental Health Organizations: Representatives and professionals from mental health organizations and agencies committed to promoting mental well-being and providing essential services to the community.

All these diverse groups are invited to participate in this panel discussion to collectively explore the intersection of joy and mental health and work towards a happier, healthier community.

Recording and On-Demand Access: For those unable to attend the live event, JOYRISE will be recorded and available on-demand, allowing for convenient access at a later time.

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Sheryl Lynn is the Visionary and Founder of JOYELY, LLC and The Chair of Joy™ Experience.  She is also an Author, Podcast Host, and Facilitator of the science of joy. Sheryl Lynn is an inspirational leader in the Movement of Joy worldwide. She is the developer of a metacognitive strategy that uses the 4 principles; Sit, Breathe, Think and Feel. The 4 simple steps allow for a universal language of joy that is worthy of celebration.   Sheryl champions people to prioritize the concepts of sustained joy with daily effort.  Sheryl has over 30 years of personal experience fine tuning her own life which has set the stage for her to gift a Chair of Joy to kids, adults, executives, employees, and seniors so they can learn how to feel better from any chair, anywhere, anytime.

JOYELY’s Team consists of  Culture of Joy Experts that specialize in mental health awareness and workplace success through customized programs, workshops, and keynotes. We do engagements both in person and online, including fundraisers. These events are profound, yet fun, while interactive and life-changing. JOYELY.com

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