About The Event

This event is hosted by JOYELY and CommUNITY Zone and is a unique gathering that celebrates unity, hope, and the science of joy. Attendees will discover the profound potential of the Chair of Joy, symbolizing a joyful and united community spirit.
The event fosters collaboration, addresses challenges, and aims to create an even brighter future for Lewisburg by infusing positivity, inspiration, and creative solutions. With an exceptional panel, including community figures like Cynthia Peliter and Mayor Kendy Alvarez, JOYRISE promises a comprehensive discussion that celebrates the town’s strengths and explores the transformative power of joy for healing and hope.
The event is open to community leaders, educators, youth representatives, and mental health organizations, providing an opportunity for all to join the conversation. Whether attending in person or accessing the recording on demand, JOYRISE invites everyone to be part of a community that prioritizes joy!


Event Details

Date: November 9, 2023
Networking and Registration: 4:30 PM (Panel 5:30 to 7:00 PM)
CommUNITY Zone, 328 Market St. Lewisburg, PA 17837

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Meet our JOYRISE Panelists from Lewisburg, PA

Cynthia Peltier

CommUNITY Zone

Meet Cynthia Peltier, the dynamic Co-Founder and Director of the CommUnity Zone. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years in nonprofit organizations, Cynthia is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through strategic partnerships.

Mayor Kendy Alverez

Lewisburg City

The Honorable Kendy Alvarez serves as the Mayor for the Borough of Lewisburg. She is a community builder who connects people, organizations, and systems throughout the Greater Susquehanna River Valley. Her love of the region can be heard on the podcast “The 570h” where she joins friends to discuss living, working and playing in the 570.

Kendra Aucker

Evangelical Hospital

Meet Kendra Aucker, a distinguished leader who serves as the President and CEO of the Evangelical Community Hospital. Kendra’s journey to this esteemed position has been marked by dedication and a deep commitment to the hospital’s mission.

Nicole Whitehead

Bucknell University

Meet Dr. Nicole Whitehead, a distinguished professional in the fields of human resources, education, and business. With a versatile background, she has honed her skills in various industries, managing operations across multiple sites and taking on increasingly significant leadership roles.

Timothy Hogan

Saint Paul’s United Church Of Christ

Meet Timothy Hogan, a pastor at Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ, whose unique journey from the corporate world to full-time ministry has enriched his vocation. With a background in corporate America, Timothy brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to his role as a pastor.

Susan Jordan

Susquehanna Valley Mediation

Meet Susan Jordan, a seasoned professional in the realm of conflict transformation and non-profit management. With over a decade of experience in the field, Susan has dedicated her career to the art of mediation, striving to create harmony and resolution in the face of conflict.

Ryan McNally

Miller Center & Community Health Initiatives

Meet Ryan McNally, a dedicated professional holding the position of Director at the Miller Center & Community Health Initiatives, part of the Evangelical Community Hospital. With a passion for community well-being and health initiatives, Ryan plays a pivotal role in making a positive impact.

Ellen Ruby

Lewisburg Downtown Partnership

Meet Ellen Ruby, a seasoned professional serving as the Executive Director at the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership. With a wealth of experience in non-profit organization management, Ellen is a driving force behind the positive changes taking place in her community.

Anthony Ragusea

Evangelical Hospital

Meet Dr. Anthony Ragusea, a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania with board certification in clinical psychology. With over 15 years of experience, he provides therapy and testing services.

Meet our JOYRISE Moderators

Kim Bowers-Antolick

Kim Bowers-Antolick is an active member of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership and the Founder of the Be Lighter Lifestyle.

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas is a Life Coach, one of the best as she is an enthusiastic leader, communicator, and relationship builder.

Sheryl Lynn

Sheryl Lynn is the Visionary for the Chair of Joy™ Experience and Founder of JOYELY, LLC.