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Who Will You Be in This Coronavirus Pandemic?

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March 17, 2020
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April 8, 2020

Who will you be in this coronavirus pandemic? It’s a question that deserves your immediate attention and razor focus. The choice just might be a testament to your life – the way you’re ultimately remembered.

The world is irreversibly altered and we’re now united as one people walking the same planet, breathing the same air, vying for the same resources. For the first time, I think we understand we are quite literally “in this together” standing shoulder to shoulder, community to community, nation to nation.

Though our history as humanity is long littered with atrocities stemming from war, disease, and famine, the coronavirus pandemic registers for me as the most significant in impact and range to human welfare and the economy. So I ask each one of us to consider and then take a stand in: What is my purpose? And who will I be in this pandemic?

The way forward is to stand in the possibility of creating a new world order that is kinder and celebrates diversity, is more mindful of action and consequence, and summons the best creativity and contribution we can muster to rebuild societally, economically, and across all other systems. This crisis requires each of us to step forward, scour for our deepest grit, and then, BRING IT! (Please, within the current Health and Safety Administration directives limiting social distance and encouraging sheltering in.)

This coronavirus has provided a huge reboot, maybe the very catalyst we have resisted to awaken ourselves from our auto-pilot slumber, to recreate the world in higher service to us all. Who will you be in that rebuilding/recreating effort?

Who am I in this pandemic? Someone who is unsure and scared just like you – yet determined to re-tool and reinvent my professional offerings to deliver value and earn a livelihood. And also someone humbly working in service of my purpose: To awaken everyone I can to discover their passion and purpose and inspire their mighty pursuit to make a contribution that betters the world and is worthy of their one, precious life.

Thank you Sheryl Lynn, Amour Noubarentz, and Amy Carenza for reminding me of my purpose and the importance of staying in obedient service to it.

We are glorious creatures. We’re much more capable than we often choose to believe. Let us choose wisely and rise to the occasion.

Who will you be? And what will you do …?

Want to join us?

Then pull up a chair. It’s time for JOY!

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