What's the Idea Behind JOYELY? How to experience Joy in Life
Through Life's Evolution,
Joy Remains
Why is feeling joyful important?
Why Is Feeling Joyful Important?
September 23, 2020
like-minded people
Never be Alone: Find and Join a Community of Like-Minded People
October 3, 2020
Why is feeling joyful important?
Why Is Feeling Joyful Important?
September 23, 2020
like-minded people
Never be Alone: Find and Join a Community of Like-Minded People
October 3, 2020
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JOY is a serious business, if you want a fulfilling, successful life, then prioritizing JOY is essential. It might be time to say no to some things and YES to Joy.

  • Happiness…
  • Bliss…
  • Feelings of abundance…

That is how we define it.
But how many of us actually experience it in life?
Not many, I assure you.

There are times when a lot of us will say we are happy or this is the happiest day of my life but in reality, it is not. Not because they are lying and are not happy but because that happiness is mingled with several other emotions.

Someone gets their dream job after struggling for years. That person is ecstatic but at the same time is scared of disappointing people or doubts if they deserved that job. She is being proposed by her boyfriend. She is excited and happy but at the same time, she wonders if he is the right one. If he will stay by her side forever.

He sees her walking down the aisle. He is overjoyed but at the same time he is nervous and ponders over the question, Am I worth it? All of these scenarios are relatable.

So, how many of us have truly experienced joy?

Can we say that we have been truly happy and have not ruined the moments by second-guessing things by thinking about the future? Can we say that we have enjoyed a moment without caring about anything else?

The majority of us will say No.

And that is sad. Some might say depressing. But it certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. But at the same time, doing something doesn’t mean that we have to do luxurious stuff.

“I have found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.”J.R.R Tolkien

And that is the key to find joy. When we start feeling happy and satisfied over small things, then and only then, we find the joy and peace within ourselves. And to feel peace and joy within ourselves is life’s ultimate gift for us. In today’s world, it can be challenging. For most people. “There is not enough time.”

  • What kind of time do we need to smile at someone while crossing the road?
  • What kind of time do we need to help someone carry their groceries to their car?

The simple acts can make someone’s day and you can experience joy. We have to find passion and create a life in which each day is meaningful, enjoyable, and experience. To do that, you have to determine what’s most important to you.

Do things that make you happy and make you appreciate life.

Planning long term goals is necessary. It helps you focus on defines you as a person. But true joy comes when you don’t forget to celebrate the small achievements as well. A promotion at work, your baby’s first step, a new house, a chance meeting with your friend while crossing the road. Celebrate and appreciate those moments. They will help to sustain long-term goals and will empower you to achieve them as well.

Take out time for yourself a few minutes every day or a few hours every week, no need to plan a whole lot. Just enjoy your coffee on your balcony, taking in the view every morning counts as well.  Or find something meaningful to do. Volunteer or join a support group. Anything positive counts.

So, just smile and think good. It wouldn’t happen in a jiffy. Get started to do a little everyday and make you feel joy with JOYELY Community!

Always Remember : “Each drop collectively makes an ocean.”

Living and experiencing a life of Joy is easier when you surround yourself with joyful people. At JOYELY, we welcome you to visit our JOYELY Community.

Want to join us?

Then pull up a chair. It’s time for JOY!

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