The World Council of Joy Presents First Executive Level Event In Denver – JOYELY, FEEL BETTER NOW

The World Council of Joy Presents First Executive Level Event In Denver

July 19, 2021
World Leaders Collaborate on Movement of Joy – World Premiere for Raising Consciousness and Co-creating a JOY Uprising
October 23, 2021

The stage is set for 150+ Founders, CEOs, and business leaders from top Colorado industries to attend the first executive-level event solely focused on the profound impact of joy in business. One featured speaker is Colorado’s own Robert White, a close personal friend of the late John Denver, and Author of Living An Extraordinary Life as well as a Board Member of the Desmond TUTU foundation. On September 16th, 2021, a workshop will run from 1PM – 4 PM with a JOYELY celebration from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

The event will take place at the Asterisk Denver, 1075 Park Ave West, Denver, CO 80205. Leaders face impending stress & burnout with rapid transitions back to the workplace and require a new set of refreshing principles to aid the transition, to plan for better, inspiring futures, and to come to work energized and rejuvenated. That is where JOYELY is poised to produce results. JOYELY and The World Council of Joy are bringing in these leaders to discuss a global movement around the highest calibrated emotion known to humans, the one we all strive and yearn for more of, joy.

The Science of Joy proves through multiple studies, that living & working with merely the attitude of Joy is highly influential and is a catalyst for positive change for everyone. Attention to joy is the simplest, most cost-effective avenue for reducing anxiety, increasing productivity, leaving everyone feeling empowered. The event will feature Chair of Joy™ Experience. This experience is designed to boost personal & professional ROI by increasing internal (emotional & mental) access to joy. What is the ROI on investing in a Culture of Joy? An empowered, sustainable and innovative workplace. JOYELY will introduce simple and profound practices that raise the vibration of joy, creating a ripple of change personally and professionally.

Global impact is inevitable through collective intentional action. Since early 2020, Sheryl Lynn, Founder of JOYELY, and Chair of Joy™ have been making their way around the United States speaking to CEOs, Executives, Leaders, and 500+ influencers visiting over 35 cities, to date. Every Chair of Joy™ Experience includes guiding each ‘sitter’ into mindful meditation with the emphasis on bringing joy to the surface of their minds; making joy a priority for each participant.

All guests will be part of ‘raising the vibration of joy’ in a collective of influential, powerful individuals and industry leaders. Jeffery Hayzlett, CEO and Chairman of C-Suite Network asks, “What if we raised the vibration of joy by just 1% in our lives, what would be possible for our families, our communities, or missions and visions? There are not enough zeros to count the impact of this work.” JOYELY recently announced that their headquarters will be in Centennial, CO: a central hub for innovation and creativity. The 150+ executive thought leaders are living Joyely because joy is at the forefront.

Media Contact:
John Rayan

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