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The Science of Joy: The Evolution of the Chair of Joy™ Movement

Our global consciousness is evolving, recognizing the profound role of emotional well-being in the tapestry of life. Spearheading this awakening is the Chair of Joy movement, an initiative I’ve crafted and nurtured.

The Origins of the Chair of Joy

Las Vegas, February 28, 2020, witnessed the birth of the Chair of Joy Concept. As the murmurs of an impending pandemic grew louder, this chair emerged not merely as a piece of furniture but as an emblem of deep reflection. It was conceived from my personal passion to find solace; I recognized that only in stillness did I truly find peace and felt better. Believing that many could gain from this realization, we took to the Strip, engaging with individuals, inquiring about their state of mind and well-being. Through the chair, we aimed to offer a momentary respite, allowing individuals to connect with the presence or absence of joy in their lives.

From a Nationwide Resonance to Global Impact

In 2020, the Chair began its journey as a humble initiative. Forty participants echoed the significance of joy through their authentic tales, setting the foundation for the movement. Fast forward to 2021, and the Chair of Joy was touring the USA. With an increasing number of enthusiasts, like Chris Corsey, Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Jay Grossman, Dr. Paul Abell, and Dr. Alise Cortez joining the dialogue, the conversations intensified, blending personal anecdotes with scientific insights.

Come 2022, the Chair of Joy wasn’t just a sit-down experience; it stood tall on its four foundational principles: Sit, Breathe, Think, Feel. This straightforward methodology was an invitation to everyone, irrespective of their life stories, to join the joy movement. From retreats to CEO boardrooms, and even quirky garage setups, we adhered to the protocols of the time but never lost our zeal.

In 2023, we headed back to Las Vegas and participated in a monumental event at SHRM, where our presence was not just seen but deeply felt. The vibrant shades of brilliant yellow and white from our celebratory setup evoked powerful emotions in attendees. 

Introducing the Global JOYELY Ambassadors added a profound dimension, fostering numerous transformations and highlighting the Chair’s global prominence. Consequently, we garnered invitations from prestigious platforms, including mental health conferences and the World Culture Festival in Washington DC. This journey also paved the way for forging connections with notable influencers, celebrities, and foremost advocates of joy.

Addressing the Skepticism: The Imperative of Joy

very transformative journey faces its set of doubters. With prominent figures like Deepak Chopra championing love, peace, and joy, Brené Brown highlighting our inherent fear of joy, and Abraham Hicks advocating for the importance of feeling good, it’s evident that joy is a universal conversation. David R. Hawkins nudged us towards emotional awareness, and I’ve always believed in harnessing that awareness to bounce back to joy swiftly. Let’s face it; joy is the ultimate life-hack!

Yet, reservations persist:

  • “I’m too busy for joy.”
  • “Joy? In this challenging life?”
  • “Isn’t joy an added bonus, not a necessity?”
  • “Life can’t always be joyful.”
  • “I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

However, the spectrum of joy’s benefits is vast and undeniable:

  • Child Wellbeing: What if the “Chair of Joy” became the new “Time-Out Chair”?
  • Suicide Prevention: Joy as the light during the darkest nights.
  • Mitigating Violence: Exploring joy’s potential in diffusing volatile situations.
  • Senior Wellbeing: Gifting our elders moments of joy.
  • Veterans’ Support: Using joy to mend emotional battle scars.
  • Elevated Productivity: Because joy is the secret sauce to excellence.
  • Community Unity: Bonding over shared moments of joy.
  • Physical Health: Tapping into joy’s natural stress-relieving properties.
  • Relationship Enrichment: Because joy is the universal love language.
  • Fostering Growth: Laying the foundation for personal evolution with joy.

Harnessing the Power of Joy

The Chair of Joy isn’t a fleeting experience or a series of interviews. It’s an uprising, a global call to action. But the question remains: Why the emphasis on joy? Why a JOYELY University that teaches topics exclusively through the lens of joy? The answer is simple: it’s about seeking a “joyely ever after”, where authentic emotions shine brighter than fairy tale endings.

Let’s embark on this JOYELY journey together, amplifying the radiant essence of joy in every corner of the globe, making it not just an emotion but a vibrant movement. Your seat in the Chair of Joy awaits.

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It’s time to immerse ourselves completely in the conversation of joy, to prioritize it above most things.. There’s no time to wait; it’s a matter of life and death.

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