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The Joy of Storytelling

My Personal Journey with Joy
March 15, 2022
More and Bigger Fish from the Chair of Joy™
March 29, 2022

Joy is something that every person understands. Whether you feel it is present or not, it has been experienced in some form by every human. The challenge, it seems, is how to find joy when you are feeling its lack.

Finding joy is not always easy. In my keynote sessions, I teach that to live an extraordinary life, awareness and action are required. These basic concepts are often hard to initiate, but continued practice means life becomes richer and more meaningful, with positive impacts on the world that is your sphere of influence.

And now, a simple means to find joy is available to each and every one of us.

Chair of Joy™ allows us to take action and sit, breathe, think, and feel and uncover joy that may not have been otherwise visible. Recognition of joy brings joy.

The challenge, of course, is the awareness. Starting a new habit, in this case, the Chair of Joy™ practice, requires awareness. Your personal Chair of Joy™ practice may be triggered in many ways – from feeling a negative moment, to walking past your own favorite Chair of Joy™, to setting a reminder on your personal electronic device.

I reached to my storytelling to find a way to trigger my Chair of Joy™ practice. I realized that each joy triggered was, at the least, a story trigger. I built a list of each of the joys I have experienced in my Chair of Joy™. As a bonus, I included a very arbitrary number from 1 to 10 to measure how I felt before the practice and after, resulting in an understanding of my personal Joy Lift.

When I teach storytelling, joy comes in several forms. One one hand, there is the joy of the storytelling itself, the response from the audience, and the impact on people. On the other, finding stories that express joy is an amazing experience.

When looking for triggers to write a story, my Joy Lift list is available. Most teachers and coaches of storytelling will include the basic tenet that personal stories are key. If you are a keynote speaker, for example, your message will be strengthened by personal stories. Your personal Joy Lift list can be a source to trigger stories to deliver your message effectively.

I do have a prominent link to my Joy Lift list on my phone and my computer. I use an icon that indicates this link is a delightful experience – for me, a golden heart. Once I click on that link, it ensures my awareness level is high, and I can take the Chair of Joy™ action. One of the side effects is that when I see something resembling that icon, my awareness is triggered and I often take that opportunity to sit, breathe, think, and feel.

What is your awareness trigger for your Chair of Joy™ practice?

Trevor Perry

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