Children’s Chair of Joy™ Event in St. Croix – JOYELY, FEEL BETTER NOW

Children’s Chair of Joy™ Event in St. Croix

World Leaders Collaborate on Movement of Joy – World Premiere for Raising Consciousness and Co-creating a JOY Uprising
October 23, 2021
[Partner Event] Global Joy Symposium
December 3, 2021

St Croix is a special place on earth and Discovery Grove on the Northshore vibrates with love and laughter and pure JOY. Discovery Grove is located on the historical grounds of Estate Canaan 1B Estate Canaan…WHERE THE GROVE RANGERS PLAY! And this special place inspired the 1st Eclectic Chair of Joy™ playdate!

Imagine lots of kids and dogs running around. A music room, an art room, community spaces, a labyrinth, a sugar mill, mango trees, a bamboo cluster for meditation and play, and even a refurbished school bus dot the community compound.

Robin Block Taylor, a Senior Producer of JOYELY, saw the landscape dotted with children sitting in their very own eclectic Chair of Joy™ in a vision, met with the amazing owner’s Ty and Heather McRaety, and it was clear. We had to do this!

Ok, so we made a plan! We picked a date, gathered the team of children young and old, and we quickly figured out that limited seating for this 1st event to no more than 25 was the best. We see a waiting list that will begin for ongoing events!

Gallows Bay Hardware generously donated paint and art supplies. We began creating a blueprint for communities all over the world!

We welcome all volunteers as well. (calling all joyful people!)

We agreed to an event Prep Day, asked Fiona Gilbert to lead us as Project Manager. And Shera Evans our meditation guide graciously accepted our invitation as well!

  • Prepare art supplies for stations and collection
  • Prepare donated chairs
  • Prepare headbands
  • Prepare reclaimed wooden discs for painting
  • Prepare tents and set-up for easy setup and tear down
  • Prepare the scavenger hunt chair maps (1. kids 2. adults)

During Grove Rangers Camp we tapped into the “Power of Words” theme exercise with a craft for the Rangers to finish the Reclaimed Wooden Discs of Joy project. Positive is how I live, kindness, respect, love, and now “JOY” is one of the words we find dotting our special island home.

The loose agenda for the event:

Living Joyely orientation and breathing/yoga exercise with Shera, play games, find your Chair of Joy™, find your art supplies, and decorate your chair. The living JOYELY celebration closes with the Chair of Joy™ practice, the mindset of living JOYELY for all involved.

Enter newborn ranger River McRaety, and event dates are set for November 27, 2021. Stay tuned to updates on MOMosa Mondays and social media!

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