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Spread: Rethinking How We Share Joy

In the quest for joy and the collective journey of enhancing our emotional landscapes, the word “spread” often comes into play. It’s a term that has been both celebrated and criticized, especially within the context of personal development and emotional wellness. At JOYELY and through the Chair of Joy Experience, we’ve taken a step back to examine the implications of “spreading” joy and propose a more nuanced approach to cultivating and sharing our happiest moments.

The imagery evoked by “spreading” can be both comforting and problematic. Picture spreading warm butter over bread – it’s ooey, gooey, and undeniably satisfying as it melts, creating a glistening, golden layer. However, this process can also be messy, introducing unwanted impurities, using a potentially dirty knife, or pairing with ingredients that don’t appeal to everyone. This analogy mirrors the complexities of sharing joy; it’s not always as simple or as universally welcomed as we might hope.

In our philosophy, we emphasize that joy is not something to be spread indiscriminately, as if it were a pandemic. The intention behind sharing joy is noble, but the reality is that not everyone is in a place to receive it, nor does everyone interpret joy in the same way. The metaphorical “butter” of joy can sometimes land on “bread” that isn’t ready or willing to absorb it. This realization has led us to adopt language and practices that reflect a deeper understanding of how joy operates within and among us.

Spread: Rethinking How We Share Joy

At JOYELY, we talk about accessing, cultivating, or creating joy rather than spreading it. This shift in language underscores the importance of personal responsibility in our emotional well-being. It acknowledges that while we all experience a wide range of emotions, how we choose to engage with and share these emotions requires thoughtful consideration. Our approach centers on the belief that everyone possesses their own joy; it’s not something we need to find elsewhere but something we can activate from within, particularly through the Chair of Joy methodology.

The Chair of Joy serves as a foundational tool in this process, allowing individuals to revisit and rejuvenate their sense of joy as needed. By fostering environments where people independently access and amplify their joy, we create spaces where joy naturally meets joy. This convergence facilitates genuine conversations and connections, free from the burdens of trauma and tragedy. It’s in these moments that the true essence of sharing joy emerges – not as an act of spreading but as a mutual exchange of elevated states of being.

Corporate cultures, families, and communities that have embraced this approach have witnessed a continuous elevation in their collective emotional states. While it’s understood that emotions fluctuate and challenges arise, the Chair of Joy remains a steadfast resource for returning to a place of joy and contentment.

Thus, we encourage a shift in perspective from merely spreading joy to nurturing our personal joy and exchanging it through authentic, heartfelt connections. In embracing this approach, we honor the unique paths of those around us, enriching our collective experience with a sense of genuine connection and understanding, leading us toward a life of joyful fulfillment and collaborative solutions in a world where unity is essential for progress.


This imagery of a stick of butter, melting and glistening as it spreads across bread, vividly captures the complexity of offering and receiving joy. Just as some may relish the sight and anticipate the taste, others might not find it appealing or appropriate for them at the moment. This metaphor serves as a powerful reminder that the act of sharing joy, much like spreading butter, must be mindful of the varied appetites and readiness of those around us, underlining the importance of understanding and respecting individual preferences in the context of shared experiences.

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