Nicole Martin Takes the Chair of Joy™ to Paris, France on International Women’s Day 2022 - Living JOYELY Ever After!
JOYELY Ever after

Nicole Martin Takes the Chair of Joy™ to Paris, France on International Women’s Day 2022

Congratulations to Nicole Martin, an Inaugural Member of the Golden Circle, a group of qualified coaches who are moving the momentum of the Chair of Joy™ forward.

Chair of Joy™ Experience has been groundbreaking in the USA and now we are watching as the experience travels across the seas. The JOYELY principles will be presented to an international conference in Paris, France by our Golden Circle Coach, Nicole Martin, CEO of HR Booster, LLC.

Meet Nicole:

Nicole is the CEO of HRBoost LLC, a coach, an author, and a speaker. At HRBoost, they establish a dedicated HR resource & provide businesses hands-on support to best practice solutions facing a myriad of workplace challenges. Nicole’s goal is to integrate STRATEGIC HR DAY ONE, EMPLOYEE ONE. As a Certified Culture Coach, she partners with businesses to facilitate Accountable Culture Management.

Nicole’s opening keynote, JOYELY – Opening Hearts, Opening Minds, Opening Spaces will be presented at Star Conferences for an event called Advances in Women Health & Reproductive System on March 8, 2022, in Paris, France.

It is a Divine Plan!

When great people, places, and programs come together in one magical setting, you can expect a grand unfolding of hearts, minds, and spaces for making joy a priority in the lives of many.

Nicole’s opening remarks include, “We are all part of a divine plan, yes the room is full, not all accepted the invitation to be here, and yet you are here. You are all generous givers, people who are parlaying the feeling of joy, wonder, and awe. Today we are having a conversation of joy and inviting all of you to join me in moving this great energy outward. Who wants to take joy outside of this room so together we can create massive joy in the world.

There are 4 key steps to using joy as the fuel to maximize the results in your business:

Pull Up a Chair, It’s Time for JOY.

In Paris, Nicole will present each participant with their own Chair of Joy™. The gift of knowing where YOUR Chair of Joy™ is and how to use it is profoundly important to the entire experience. Together they welcome the elegant universal practice that is transforming lives everywhere.

Nicole has a call with Sheryl Lynn, Visionary and Founder of Chair of Joy™ Movement in early 2021. Nicole recalls the virtual meeting…

“What I remember about that call was how Sheryl made me FEEL. I felt the power and vision of her intention and decided I had to be part of the Chair of Joy™ Movement.”

Experience: Sit, Breathe, Think Feel

Chair of Joy™ Experience is a very powerful practice that is now becoming a habit for many. How often do you go to your COJ to create an elevated Joy Lift? as long as you want while experiencing the joy! Let yourself be dreamy and free and know that your joy, that undeniable desire to have more of it, is accessible and sustainable anytime, anywhere, and in any chair.

Let’s Activate the Container of Joy

Nicole will ask each participant to fill up a container of joy. It is the energy that flows from each of us. The results maximize impact for each person because nearly everyone begins to feel the shift in how they show up each day. The practice reminds us that God is with us, that our mediation rituals are useful and work when utilized. This discussion talks about expanding the memories of joy and allowing these feelings of joy to be activated!

Let’s see what’s possible by focusing on creating joy. The facts state that happy, joyful people can increase their productivity by 13-20%. Employees would take a $5000 pay cut if they had more joy in the workplace. CEOs who embody positivity have higher retention rates. JOYELY has made this concept a priority by developing a system to measure each daily Joy Lift for teams, staff, and even families. At JOYELY, we implement a new Standard of Joy.

Chair of Joy™ Movement and Money

The fact of the matter is people care about feeling good and becoming better people, We’re also interested in having greater success in our organizations. Therefore there is a bottom-line component to Joy, Those that are making joy a priority is seeing the metrics of Key Performance Indicators, (KPI’) increase. The ROI, return on the investment from the Chair of Joy™ is now measurable.

A Global Stand for Joy – Connect, Collaborate, Catalyze

Connect: Surround yourself in the community of LIVING JOYELY. Attend J Hour, a weekly event where the JOYELY community comes together to hear success stories. Join us at the Global Joy Symposium where we present luminaries, and members of The World Council of Joy as they share research, content, and stories of success. Visit a Chair Of Joy Pop Up, a quick 10-minute Chair of Joy™ Experience so that you can begin to feel the joy every single day and actually realize results.

Collaborate: There are many people joining in the energy of Joy. There is an opportunity here to tap into the JOYELY network of thought leaders, neuroscientists, longevity therapists, and business owners who walk their talk when it comes to joy as a priority. What’s possible when you collaborate with this group of like-minded people? Simply limitless.

Catalyze: There How will you active joy in the world? Nicole invites her team to start and end their calls with the Chair of Joy™ Experience. She invites her clients and customers to a beautiful venue and brings in the actual Chair of Joy™ and the room is bubbling with an energy unlike no other. Nicole gets on a plane to Paris, and the person in the seat next to her starts talking, and they do the Chair of Joy™ Experience. She lands in Paris, delivers a keynote about joy to an audience who has flown in from all over the world.. Finally, she wraps up with dinner with another Golden Circle Coach, who lives minutes from Paris, Michelle Vayn. The two of them walk to the Eiffel tower and engage others in the Chair of Joy™ Experience.

How can you as a leader join the vision of impacting 4 billion people with the Chair of Joy™ Experience and Nicole Martin’s trip to Paris, France is simply the beginning of so much more to come. Look for her on a train, plane, or maybe even Good Morning America. And finally, if there is something you want to have or do or feel differently about, then we simply invite you to Pull Up A Chair, It’s Time for Joy!

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It’s time to immerse ourselves completely in the conversation of joy, to prioritize it above most things.. There’s no time to wait; it’s a matter of life and death.

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