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From Road of Life to Live Your Dream
February 21, 2020
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March 25, 2020
live your dream
From Road of Life to Live Your Dream
February 21, 2020
Who Will You Be in This Coronavirus Pandemic?
March 25, 2020
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On your journey towards JOY, it is important not just to Find and Be your joy, but to share the joy as well. Practically every Joyful action has countless ways of being shared somehow, someway with the world. Whether you are sharing with ten million people, or just the plants around you, the important thing is that you are sharing. Finding a “stage” that feels right while sharing is a vital step of the sharing process.

A stage is any platform that you can share your joy with the world. Although a literal stage could be appropriate for a dancer or a comedian, it might not be for a scientist, carpenter, or many other paths of joy.

That’s why our definition of stage goes beyond a conventional stage. A teacher’s stage may simply be their classroom where they spread knowledge. For a cook, their stage may be the restaurant they create culinary masterpieces at. Even if you do not want to share your joy with other people, it is positive to share it with the world in other ways. Why not go out into your garden and put on a performance for your plants? Anything that enables JOY to be shared can be considered a stage.

And there are many, many different stages for the specific JOY being shared. The Internet is an endless harbor of stages that includes social media, websites, videos, and tons of other stages to be within arm’s reach for everyone.

Although one of the stages for a teacher is her classroom, another stage for teaching is her YouTube channel where she teaches children to read. Another stage can be presenting her case on why education funding is so important before her local representatives. Yet another stage for her teaching is the children’s show that she created for TV, which is watched by millions of kids across the country.

Stages come in all shapes and sizes. While on your Joy journey, you may be surprised by what stages are presented to you. By keeping an open mind about what is possible, you are ready to take advantage of many different opportunities. Finding the stages that your joy can flourish is so important!

And as a fun switch up to the traditional stage, JOYELY offers our beautiful Chair. It is a sacred chair for some, a place to play for others and yet for some it can be a reminder that your stage just might be a quiet place to sit in your bedroom or any quiet place in your house and be still. Being still allows your mind to wander to any stage in the world, to dance and sing and teach and breath from a place in your mind. This silent power of sitting in our JOYELY chair or your own comfortable chair gives you the joy of the stage anytime, and anywhere.

The right platform to share your joy can help you manifest it clearly. Less effective stages can slow progress along your path, and even send you off on detours. If you choose a stage which you later decide isn’t working out, at least you discovered it wasn’t right for you! There are no real missteps along your Joy journey as long as you are making an effort.

By finding the right stage, you can be genuine in what you share. Honesty and sincerity are superchargers to your joy journey, and being comfortable with a stage is vital. If you love music, but do not love performing, then being on a literal stage may not be right for you. If you can’t be genuine and present while performing, and you aren’t interested in continuing, then another stage where you can pursue music may be better. For instance, instead of performing songs on stage, you can write songs for others to perform.

Selecting a good stage also means that your audience– which is whomever and whatever you share to– are right for you. A big reason why sharing is so important is for the joy that you can spread to others. Making sure that the audience that you choose is getting what they came for isn’t just good manners– it should be your bread and butter!

Imagine going to see a band play at a local park, but when the curtain raises, a troupe of jugglers are juggling chainsaws and flaming torches. Well, it sure is impressive, but it’s not what you came to see. In the same way, make sure that your audience gets what they came for. This often requires you to listen intimately with your audience, which is why their feedback is so important.

If you want it, precious feedback can help you get a more objective view of what you are expressing. Your viewers, listeners, customers, students, etc. can help you understand if what you are intending to show is what they actually experience. If you are willing to listen, your audience can help you see things that you could never see yourself. They can bring to light things which they like, and dislike.

If you do not have a place to share your Joy, it can be easy to fall into habits where you no longer make much progress. If you don’t have any feedback, you can create an echo chamber, and lose touch with your Joy. Even if you don’t have grand dreams of a large audience to share your joy with, that’s fine. The simple act of setting your intention to share the joy in some way provides direction for the time and effort you spend making your dream a reality.

By deciding to share your dance routine, knowledge on a subject, progress on a project– whatever is on your path to JOY– you hold yourself accountable for creating a presentable package for others. This can be a great motivator for keeping you on track, and for taking joyful steps.

Sure, you know how important stages are for your JOY, but how do you find the right one for you? Like many things on your Joy journey, it can take time to figure out what is right specifically for you.

To get the best idea for what platforms are out there, do some research on what other people with similar interests are doing. Since you are reading this, you must have access to the wealth of information on the Internet. On your web browser, search for what’s out there. You may be surprised by what opportunities exist that are in line with your JOY. After all, if your Joy is teaching yoga, having face to face sessions isn’t the only way to teach. You can write books, make videos, start a podcast, collaborate with scientists to record health benefits, and so on.

Another great way to find out more is to talk with people with similar dreams. Anyone who is already in your area of JOY has an intimate understanding of its landscape. You can gain a lot of first-hand information about the different stages that exist in your area of Joy. Of course, these people don’t just have to be folks you know; you can reach out to them at local meetups, or simply talk to them online.

Because you are already on your path to joy, you may admire successful people with similar joy. If you cannot get in contact directly with them, following their example can be very helpful to you. If you are a songwriter, you can study the music of your favorite musicians to improve your craft. Or, if you are an athlete, following the example of others in your discipline can be incredibly beneficial. Whenever you are unable to contact someone, watching how they manifested their particular joy can help your joy grow.

Once you figure out a few stages that look interesting to you, go forth and try ‘em out! This can take a long time to do, or not much time at all, depending on the stage. The important thing to remember here is to not be disheartened if things don’t come easy at first. In fact, it might even be a good sign!

Some of the top athletes, comedians, actors, scholars, etc. tell stories of how difficult the beginnings of their careers were. Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team. Beyonce has been booed off stage. Robert De Niro has faced dozens of rejections. But, their persistence is what made them rise above it all. Listen to your heart; if you don’t seem to be good at something at first, but you really want to do it, keep at it! You certainly can achieve all that you want to achieve.

The best stage you can try out is one created completely by yourself. Although many of the established stages out there can be useful for you to pursue, there is nothing that can nurture your joy as much as a stage you create for yourself. Think of unique ways that only you can communicate with your audience, and then try doing it. Remember, no one can be you as well as yourself. Bringing your unique JOY to your unique stage is the ultimate manifestation of your dream.

Of course, JOYELY is dedicated to helping you find your own stage so that you can share your JOY. Since sharing your joy is necessary for improving your ability to bring your JOY to life, we offer a multi-purpose stage at our events. The stage allows you to ask questions, share your unique JOY, and so much more with your Joyely community.

Stay posted for updates on our stages on the events page. We would absolutely LOVE to see you in person or on one of our podcasts.

Want to join us?

Then pull up a chair. It’s time for JOY!

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