My Personal Journey with Joy - Living JOYELY Ever After!
JOYELY Ever after

My Personal Journey with Joy

Or, should that be Joyney? 🙂

In a three-year period, I went from being passive aggressive to finding myself. Circumstance led me to a place where I was lost, mostly alone, and needing to heal. I made a step forward and the journey was difficult. I was naive and made mistakes. However, the learning curve was steep, and the results were unbelievable. I am not sure if there was any moment, I was able to announce I was “back” because I am still learning and growing.

During those three years, I found myself on contract in Austin, TX. While there, I joined several cultural groups and engaged in many activities, including poetry readings, writer’s clubs, improv shows, sushi rolling classes – the list is long. I auditioned for a role in a street theater company at a renaissance festival and found a new passion.

One of the classes I took in Austin was a creativity class. The teacher, Annie, was a well-known guide and helped us exercise our own creativity in so many ways. I still have some of my “works” – one of them proudly hanging on my wall. When another creativity class was available, I enrolled. 

The teacher was almost the polar opposite of Annie and treated creativity as almost clinical. Except for one part. Our first exercise was to write down ten things that brought us joy. Homework was to write 100 things. The teacher suggested that when we were feeling low, we could use our joy list and choose something that we could do to bring us joy. For the first time in my life, I was asked to explore joy, specifically my own.

When my contract ended, I went back to speaking at technology conferences, but this time, I was armed with a new story. Thus began my motivational speaking journey. One of the concepts I taught, based on the idea of the Joy List, was to build a personal “I wanna” list. I asked audiences to write what was, essentially, a bucket list.

Beyond the “I wanna” list, all my motivational sessions since then have included Joy in one form or another. I teach that Joy is necessary to live an extraordinary life. And I suggest to my audiences that finding Joy is a key in the journey searching for life/work balance.

And now, being a Golden Circle coach, I have the right tools to show my audiences exactly how to find Joy. Chair of Joy™ practice is woven into my motivational speaking seamlessly. Chair of Joy™ adds depth and an additional practical approach to every one of my sessions.

For my own life, the Chair of Joy™ practice is responsible for lifting me out of darker moments and allowing me to enhance my Joy – even when I am not expecting a lift. My days are brighter, and I know that I am a better person and a better speaker for it.

Want to join us?

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