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The Joy of Storytelling
March 28, 2022
The FIRST Children’s Chair of Joy™ By Sheryl Lynn and Melissa Morgan
April 29, 2022
The Joy of Storytelling
March 28, 2022
The FIRST Children’s Chair of Joy™ By Sheryl Lynn and Melissa Morgan
April 29, 2022

beautiful lake landscape with a fishing chair and fishing accessories on the lake shore

A few summers ago, I was sitting on the side of the lake in a lawn chair, fishing pole in hand.
I had a bobber at the end pole, a larger worm on the hook. A fellow fisherman chuckled to his friend about my “bobber” indicating that real fishermen use bait and lures. The minutes turned into hours.

I have spent years gathering stats and statistics and researching the emotion of Joy, and all of that is on our website, so do visit our site.

Let me just say, that fishing day was one of the best days of my life.

I sat in my lawn chair, breathed in the beautiful fresh air and thought about memories of joy over the years, and felt every second of those moment in my whole being. It was a lovely afternoon.

Even amidst the chaos of my day, and in the back of my mind, knowing the large workload I had, not to mention, laundry, shopping, … I leaned into this fishing moment.

I knew, trusted, and just let go, and put all my efforts toward having an epic fishing day. This was an important moment, I was unclear why, but it just was. I hauled in fish after fish, catch and release of course, and my friends to the right, the ones doubting my bobber, caught only one.

This is our time, this very second is another one of those moments for each of us. As a people, as a world.

This is our Moment. I am asking you to lean into joy.

I am asking you to lean into your own Chairs of Joy, to know that each of us all has a lawn chair as I did at the lake, or stool on the deck, a chair we love somewhere in the house or office overlooking the backyard or city….

The moment is to realize that joy must be a priority, to know how powerful each and every one of us to this movement of the Chair of Joy™. That we can create impact and results by self-regulating how we are feeling and knowing that ALL these emotions and tears of Joy give us strength, together as a human race.

Chair of Joy™ Experience has shown thousands how to leverage the emotion of joy to squelch some of the chaos, worry, fears…

Chair of Joy™ Experience.

I invite you the learn about what our community is doing at JOYELY. I invite you to embrace the Golden Light Tour and the Chair of Joy™ Experience in a community near you.

I would like to meet you and share the profound transformations to discover what’s possible for you, your life, our families, your business, employees and companies of all sizes as thousands of others have done already.

Cease THIS moment and join me by perhaps hosting an event on the Chair of Joy™ Golden Light tour from May 1 to May 23, 2022. Please sit in my fancy white Chair of Joy™, listen in, learn, share, post, tell us about YOUR Chair of Joy™ and your Chair of Joy™ stories. Everyone is invited.

Perhaps you want to catch more fish or realize personal and professional growth, whatever the thing is that you are after…know it is way more possible through joy and the COJ Experience.

I invite you to get fully engaged with us and know this is OUR moment

This is our time to get real with what our duty is and why we are on this earth. To know that our work and impact is in the world is important, to show our children how to grow up with a new language of Joy.

Together we can fully master the Chair of Joy™ Experience and use it for change.

Want to join us?

Then pull up a chair. It’s time for JOY!

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