Kim Cullins Inspires JOYELY FEET

April 23, 2020
May 6, 2020

During this pandemic, we all know that JOY needs to be front and center. I started thinking of ways to share joy with people right now, and later, once our community gets rolling.

I reached out to one of my partners and asked her to brainstorm. Cassie Cullins came up with tons of amazing ideas. One of them involved fun socks, because of her mom, Kim Cullins was always wearing and gifting outrageous socks.

Everyone needs joy and Kim has been a great inspiration. Cassie said her mother called herself a JOYOLOGIST, and said I could even carry on her namesake.

Here’s part of our email exchange:

Cassie: Aw 🙂 I can’t wait to tell my sisters that “mom helped me with a project” this week 😉 haha they will laugh! You see we literally received crazy socks in the mail for every possible holiday — and just randomly at times as well. Attached is a photo of the socks she would wear to her chemo appointments and another of her in her glory.

Sheryl Lynn: OMG MY GOSH!!!! this is crazy cool 🙂 Please send her name and if you have time, a little story, I want to write a blog about it. Such a beautiful story of what ignited JOYELY FEET and a CHOOSE JOY momentum! OHHHHLALALA! Your Mom looks so beautiful and a JOYOLOGIST, just fun!

More about Kim Cullins
Kim Cullins was a spirited mother of three, beloved friend of many, and ambassador of “joy” to all who crossed her path. Among her many ways of sharing joy was sending (and showing off her own) festive socks for every occasion.

©Kim’s BFF Carol Davis

It started when her three daughters went off to college. Kim regularly sent socks to her children, and it wasn’t long until the girls had drawers full of wonderful socks. Before long, nearly everyone who knew Kim had received a fun pair of socks. One perk of knowing Kim was that if you sent her a photo of yourself wearing the socks she gifted, rest assured Kim would often send a picture of her own bedazzled feet right back. A sort of “sock correspondence,”” if you will.

Unfortunately, Kim left the world too soon. But, even in her hardest moments, she was known to wear her Superwoman socks and brighten everyone’s day. Her daughters, family, and many friends still wear fun socks to honor her!

Kim’s Obituary:

To carry on Kim’s vision, the team at JOYELY decided to introduce a campaign called JOYELY FEET where we ask people to choose joy. Yellow socks or @Socrates Choose Joy Socks remind us when they are on our feet to lighten up, and that our feet are our foundation, to take care of ourselves. And if you can, wear some yellow on your feet or any clothing item to brighten up your world and the world of others.

I could see was people wearing socks everywhere. Everyone wears socks, whether they are plain black or white socks, pastel-colored socks, or even silly graphic socks. Usually, those of us that wear socks with a meaning, image, or fun design, we feel a boost of confidence and security. For many of us, these socks can create a sense of belonging.

This inspired us to purchase dozens of knee-high JOY SOCKS with CHOOSE JOY printed on them. We like to call them “JOYELY FEET”. We sent them to our SAGES to wear for the JOYELY LAUNCH.

Coach Noy, will you shadowbox with them?
Kym will dance with them on?

It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we’ll make videos to share the joy with the world!

We are also looking forward to hosting the SOCK and SAGE Party online. It will be a group video call of people all over the world who are encouraged to wear their favorite socks and have fun with us! Guests will enjoy fun conversation, can join in on our super fun party, and can even tell a few jokes in an effort to begin to raise the energy and vibration from a long stay at home.

We invite everyone including YOU, to help spread the word about the SOCK and SAGE Party. Don’t be afraid to pull out some funny socks or even use a marker to write JOY on a blank sock. Or, you can get creative like Kim did.

Thank you for the inspiration Kim, for your focus on joy, and of course socks. We will dance and inspire joy in your honor. 😉 And Thank you Cassie for sharing this beautiful gift of your mom with us.