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Khush (Joy in Hindi)

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January 21, 2022
The “Chairlift” of Joy
January 28, 2022

I’m so honored to be writing about my journey of why I have joined JOYELY LLC. I want to thank Sheryl and Mike Robinson for identifying the potential and keeping their trust in me.

My name is John Rayan and I’m from India and currently residing in the state of Goa. I have an Engineering degree in the field of Information Technology.

My mom and dad used to call me “Khush ” which means JOY in Hindi, (a language spoken in India) Interestingly I met Sheryl and discovered that her company name was JOYELY and it helped me reflect my childhood memories.

I’m grateful for being part of JOYELY LLC, it’s an amazing place to work and grow as we focus on JOY, even during our team meetings which help enlighten our joyful memories.

I want to thank Sheryl for having me be part of JOYELY and trusting me!
I’m proud to be part of the JOY movement!

In my free time, I love listening to EDM music, baking cakes and doughnuts.

Thank you for reading!
Rejoice every moment of your life!

Want to join us?

Then pull up a chair. It’s time for JOY!

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