JOYELY White Diamond Award – Deanna Leonard – JOYELY

JOYELY White Diamond Award – Deanna Leonard

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September 21, 2022
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September 21, 2022

Deanna Leonard, Congratulations!
We are proud to announce today’s recipient of JOYELY’s White Diamond Award! We have created the White Diamond Award to facilitate and encourage our members in their Chair of Joy journey so that they can recognize and acknowledge their own brilliance and ability to shine brightly, be at their best, to feel better now.

We formally celebrate Deanna Leonard for her courage and willingness to do whatever it takes to live JOYELY Ever After by sitting in the Diamond Seat at J-Hour.

Each recipient goes through a powerful progression from sadness and anxiety to peace and calm, or fear and worry to contentment and awe, or even love and gratitude to joy and exhilaration. Every human is different, and every human feels all these emotions throughout the day at varying degrees and now gets to feel better in the Chair of Joy.

Deanna’s dedication to increasing her joy daily was amplified by her commitment to dreaming about what is possible in an upcoming move! She committed to sitting in her Chair of Joy twice per day, once at work and once at home. As a result, she created a 6-month plan so both she and her partner could eliminate/lessen the overwhelm and begin to see more moments as easy and filled with joy.

We present our White Diamond Award to Deanna with celebration, love, and hope for a worldwide Chair of Joy-induced liberation to live Joyely Ever After!

Congratulations, Deanna!

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