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JOYELY Welcomes New Cohort of Certified Ambassadors

Las Vegas, NV – JOYELY is excited to announce the induction of 18  newly certified ambassadors, who are set to use the Chair of Joy™ Experience as a pivotal tool in addressing the world’s pressing mental health issues and societal chaos. These Ambassadors, having completed a rigorous certification process, are now equipped to implement this innovative approach in their businesses and communities, offering a solution that fosters well-being and resilience.

The Chair of Joy Experience, rooted in the “Ready Set Go Flow” Coaching Process, is not just a method but a movement aimed at creating conversations and connections deeply desired in today’s world. It stands at the intersection of art and science, embodying the principles of JOYELY to transform individual and collective experiences of joy.

Sheryl Lynn, Founder and Visionary Leader at JOYELY, shared, “The introduction of our new Certified JOYELY Ambassadors marks a significant step towards creating a global impact on mental health and societal harmony. By harnessing the power of joy through our unique blend of art and science, these Ambassadors are poised to lead the charge in solving contemporary challenges, creating a ripple effect of positive change across communities.”

Certified JOYELY Ambassadors have access to exclusive resources, including participation in Community Master Heart Retreats and collaboration with YOJAI Marketing, to amplify their impact. Their work aims to implement the Chair of Joy™ Experience as a cornerstone for fostering resilience, connection, and purposeful living, thereby contributing to a healthier, more joyful world.

For more information about JOYELY and the transformative work of our Certified Ambassadors, please visit

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JOYELY leads a worldwide initiative to empower individuals and organizations with the art and science of joy, enhancing overall well-being and driving positive outcomes. Through the Chair of Joy™ Experience and other immersive collaborations, JOYELY has built a foundation of resilience, connection, and purposeful living, championing a global movement where joy is celebrated and cherished.


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