JOYELY and the Chair of Joy™ Officially Expand the Movement of Joy in Sarasota, Florida – JOYELY, FEEL BETTER NOW

JOYELY and the Chair of Joy™ Officially Expand the Movement of Joy in Sarasota, Florida

Dancing in the streets at the 16th annual Dance Parade from Flatiron to Tompkins Square
May 26, 2022
JOYELY, LLC is proud to announce and welcome Cheri’ Lucas as Director of Training & Programs for JOYELY.
September 2, 2022

JOYELY, LLC is proud to introduce the Chair of Joy™ (COJ) Experience to Sarasota, Florida business owners and residents. On July 18, 2022, JOYELY expands its operations to the east coast and launches the movement with two events.

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness amongst other life-altering events such as mass shootings, pandemics, climate change, and public safety.

Sheryl Lynn, Visionary Founder of The COJ Movement and CEO of JOYELY, LLC, built the Chair of Joy™ experience program to guide people to decisively create joy on demand and rise above the chaos. The COJ concept is designed as a cross-functional, elegant, mindful system that is easy to implement, generating immediate results for so many. Organizations, corporations, and families are creating common ground so that life is more productive and engaging.

Business owner, entrepreneur, and community protagonist Shavonda Griffin will be hosting the arrival of a white throne Chair of Joy ™ and an Orange Children’s Chair of Joy™ to honor the theme of Florida Oranges. The event will take place in her beautiful office at 1945 17th Street, Sarasota, FL 34234 at 1 PM EST.
Among other businesses, Florida native Ms. Griffin is the owner of Project Ownership 101 where she dedicates her time to serving the community as a realtor, financial advisor, and credit repair expert. A true exemplar in society, Ms. Griffin is also a valiant humanitarian, youth organizer, and published author and poet. She first sat in the COJ™ at the start of the 2022 cross-country COJ™ tour in Sarasota, Florida. Project Ownership101, visit:

The JOYELY team along with Florida’s Chair of Joy™ will attend the new member orientation at the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce on July 18, 2022 at 1945 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34236, United States at 4:30 EST. At this event the team will announce their collaboration and partnership with the Sarasota Visitors Center.

As JOYELY’s team begins to be part of the Sarasota community and focused on connection and how to help serve the missions together! The power of the COJ™ movement translates to people and organizations, increasing their profitability by elevating their joy and the joy of their collective workforce!

More about Sheryl Lynn:
Lynn’s mission is for everyone to know that joy is in our control and can be created in an instant. Sheryl’s touchstone is The Chair of Joy™ Experience, a beautiful white padded throne with gold trim where she invites executives, thought leaders, musicians, celebrities, politicians, and other influencers to sit, breathe, think and feel while telling stories of what brings them joy while seated either in her Chair or their own. Lynn works with leaders of organizations raising the Standard of Joy at work and home. Her firm works with executives to align the business to employee goals for maximum results.

Instead of staying focused on stress, Lynn welcomes you to Pull Up A Chair because it is time for joy. The 4-step process is simply, Sit. Breathe. Think. and Feel. This Experience, scientifically based on research, is transforming the home and work into a more expansive culture that facilitates communication between parents and children, spouses, co-workers and CEO’s and Stockholders. Families and organizations are feeling better through experiencing their very Chair of Joy™!

There are programs available to help all people with the Chair of Joy™ Experience so that it quickly can become a daily opportunity to reset negativity and step fully into healing and hope.

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