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February 22, 2024
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Influencing the Present: The Impact of Today’s Greatest Thinkers on Human Potential
February 22, 2024
Insights from The World Joy Report
March 4, 2024

Joy: The Silent Answer to Life's Turmoil

By Sheryl Lynn,

Founder of the Chair of Joy™ Experience

In a world often marred by chaos and uncertainty, there exists a potent force, quietly awaiting acknowledgment: joy. It’s the silent answer to life’s most profound questions, a guiding light amidst the challenges we face daily. As we journey through the realm of JOYELY, led by our certified ambassadors Kitty and Margot, we’re reminded of the transformative power inherent in joy – a power that unites us all and serves as our birthright.

With nearly 50 ambassadors and 18 Certified and Sealed Ambassadors, the JOYELY movement is gaining momentum, echoing the sentiment that joy is indeed the answer. Kitty Rowell’s reflection encapsulates the essence of our journey, highlighting the profound impact of the certification process. The structure provided resonates deeply, offering a pathway to embrace passion, joy, and love in our lives. Similarly, Margot’s enthusiasm reinforces the transformative nature of the Chair of Joy Experience, emphasizing the clarity and empowerment it brings to personal and professional spheres.

But why is joy the answer? In a world teeming with challenges, joy offers solace and resilience. It’s our birthright to engage in sustained conversations about joy – to prioritize it not as a fleeting emotion but as a fundamental aspect of our existence. Joy is the antidote to hate, anger, and despair – a conscious choice we make to embrace peace and freedom, even in the darkest of times.

Statistics show that taking time to process emotions, nurture well-being, and envision a positive future significantly contributes to mental and emotional health. Furthermore, having a supportive community that embraces your emotions and encourages action can lead to greater fulfillment and resilience. Joy is not about going it alone but finding a group of people who care about your emotions and share expectations of making a positive impact.

As we navigate life’s complexities, let us remember that joy is not a distant dream but a present reality. It’s a choice we make every day, a testament to our resilience and strength. In choosing joy, we embrace the inherent power within us, forging a path of hope and positivity for ourselves and those around us.

“Joy is the antidote to hate, anger, and despair –
a conscious choice we make to embrace peace and freedom, even in the darkest of times.” Sheryl Lynn

Joy is the answer because it is our birthright to have this as a sustained conversation. At JOYELY, we invite the world to live JOYELY, a lifestyle that incorporates the universal language of joy. Embrace JOYELY as a way of life, advocate for a JOYELY Lifestyle, and envision JOYELY Ever After as a journey towards lasting happiness and fulfillment. Let us help you and those you care deeply about prioritize joy in all of our lives, for in doing so, we show up in the true essence of our existence – a life filled with purpose, passion, and, above all, joy.

The vision at JOYELY is urgent and profound. We are steadily bringing together people from all walks of life, irrespective of their possessions or circumstances, and sharing the transformative power of the Chair of Joy™ Experience with them and those they hold dear. With suicide ranking as the 2nd leading cause of death among individuals aged 10-14, and mass shootings reaching record levels, the need for joy has never been more critical. 

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It’s time to immerse ourselves completely in the conversation of joy, to prioritize it above most things.. There’s no time to wait; it’s a matter of life and death.

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JOYELY: Customizing Programs for Your Community​

At JOYELY, we’re dedicated to enriching lives through emotional wellness, extending our reach far beyond corporate boundaries to embrace all ages. Our tailored programs promote belonging, self-worth, and connections:

  • School Age Emotional Toolbox – Adventure Bear’s Journey and Beyond: Guiding young minds in emotional intelligence, Adventure Bear grows with children, imparting strength and courage.

  • Individuals Alchemy Workshops: Targeting students, teachers, veterans, seniors, and non-profits, these workshops prioritize stress relief and enduring well-being.

  • Entrepreneurs Live JOYELY: Specifically for business owners, this program merges mental acumen with heartfelt passion, empowering entrepreneurs.

  • Corporate Culture of Joy: Elevating workplace happiness through team-building, wellness, and work-life balance strategies.

  • City of Joy Community Vision: Our goal is a community filled with joy, connectedness, and positivity, earning the title of a “City of Joy.”

JOYELY is your path to emotional empowerment. Join us to embrace emotions effortlessly and return to life’s important aspects with grace.