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The “Chairlift” of Joy
January 28, 2022
February 10, 2022
The “Chairlift” of Joy
January 28, 2022
February 10, 2022

There was a pulse in the air as the sun was setting while walking along the streets of the French Quarter. Suddenly there was the energy that pulled at my attention. Intuitively my whole being; heart, eyes and soul told me to “look this way.”

Alone in a sea of people, a Gentleman stood out to me, he amongst many savages and party animals, stood alone. My gaze took in the image of all of him. I felt a calmness radiate from him, his vibrant glow sent a ripple of love through my body.

He gave off the essence of being a towering giant, yet from a distance I could see he was perhaps an average height man at approximately 5’3. He was standing curbside, leather bike gloves on, slowly pulling a crushed Dr. Pepper can out of the garbage barrel on Bourbon Street. His cane was over his arm and there was a silver chain attached to a pink clip on his black leather coat zipper.

As usual, in New Orleans there was much to see, bright lights, beads, boas, big beers and boldness from the balconies above.

There was not even a question about whether or not I would approach him. I was fully intrigued by his weathered appearance and equally amazed at was a shining star in an already chaotic environment. It appeared this remarkable human was doing conscious work of luminating the silliness around him in a happy go lucky leprechaun kind of way.

The closer I got to him, the pulsing in my body increased. The pulse was not fear or nervousness, but pure delight and joy of a possible meeting of a new friend. We had a powerful connection when our eyes met. It was like a drum gaining momentum.

The intimate interaction was short, yet sweet and memorable.

“How are you?” I said, and he nodded in acknowledgement of me, as if to say, its ok.

“Are you having a good day?” Another nod of understanding from him, his top hat bobbling just a bit.

“You are a very handsome man, ” I told him.

“Thank you, so I have been told,” said this elusive figure in a deeply confident voice. He went on to tell me his name was Pat and that he enjoyed his job. When I asked if I could take his picture, he smiled and said, “Of course.” He smiled generously with sparkling eyes.

As I pressed the camera button on my cell phone to capture one of the best moments of joy I have seen in my life, I could not help but notice the neon sign just above his head. It read, Jester, Mardi Gras – Daiquiris and Pizza.

The words and colors of the sign expressed gave me pause and appreciation of Pat and how he showed up in the world. He elevated my JOY LIFT score from a 9 to a 12.

In my opinion, Pat is a Master of Joy. In our exchange, he simply was standing still and creating joy for himself, which appeared to me was the luck of finding a soda can and his ability to recycle and be responsible for himself.

This is JOY BOOM! His joy energy caught my joy energy and BOOM! I left there knowing there was more joy for me and for my family. My actions, words and in relationships with others would be impacted by this meeting. I hope I was able to do the same for Pat.

I will be forever moved by Pat and the fact that he gave permission to capture his spirit forever in a picture.

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