Kim Cullins Inspires JOYELY FEET
May 5, 2020
Sheryl Lynn, Guest of Dr. Alise Cortez
May 9, 2020

Kim Cullins Inspiration for Sock Campaign

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What to do:
Inspire Joy by wearing fun socks
Tag a video or take a picture
Wear yellow socks or just yellow!

Tell us how the socks made you feel, and what others said

“I am attaching a jpg photo of my cute socks! Caption for how I’m feeling: “As I drive past the gorgeous sun-soaked California scenery with my family in the car the words “choose joy” feels especially meaningful at this time. Daily media and work input can feel so heavy right now. It’s easy to become lost to the sense of worry and even doom. “Choose joy” feels like a simple reminder (in a bright comfy package) to remember that I alone choose how to walk this path before me. “Spread joy” on the soles of my feet reminds of the power I have in the footprints I will leave behind.”

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