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The FIRST Children’s Chair of Joy™ By Sheryl Lynn and Melissa Morgan
April 29, 2022
Mental Health of Our Children
May 18, 2022
The FIRST Children’s Chair of Joy™ By Sheryl Lynn and Melissa Morgan
April 29, 2022
Mental Health of Our Children
May 18, 2022

As you know everything starts with the mind. The mind can be your best friend or enemy depending on how you use it. Your mind can help you to overcome circumstances or it can also block you from achieving that.

Since the #coronavirus has affected everyone’s life – dealing with our new routines. We have experienced our mind as the enemy at times. It is not necessarily a weakness or a bad thing unless you have fallen into the trap of negative emotions. It is just an experience we all have been going through and hopefully learning from. So, how can we protect our minds from the effects of a pandemic such as; economic issues, negativity, fear, anxiety…etc.?

Good news! No matter what we deal with in life, it is always the same mind that creates our truth. Only the scenario changes every time. 😉 So, we can always create a positive truth for ourselves and be peaceful rather than a victim.

How does “the mind” work?

If there is any uncertainty, the mind wants to go against it or escape from it (a.k.a. fight or flight). Having the experience with the coronavirus creates uncertainty for all of us and let’s be honest here our minds have been freaking out!

The good news is, this is normal for everyone. Uncertainty brings resistance and resistance brings on emotions, a roller coaster of ups and downs.

How to control your thoughts

You have to get your mind right and work at it every day. You have to be self-aware of your mind and pay attention.

You need to know what triggers you, what makes you angry, and on the other hand what brings you Joy, which makes you peaceful…etc. When you know yourself, then every time the trigger comes to you and takes you out of alignment, practice “the non-reaction method”. The non-reaction method is, doing nothing emotionally when the trigger comes, in other words; BE STILL.

For instance, the news about the coronavirus brings you anxiety and you usually read more about it and get more anxious. You scroll down on social media, maybe comment on a post and throw your anxiety or anger out there. Or you call a friend and just talk more and more about the thing that triggered you. Instead of getting that energy, next time catch yourself and;

Try this -> When you see the news on the TV, change the channel or turn the TV off. If you decide to watch, watch it and then just do nothing about it. Don’t react to it in any way, not get emotional over and over… and continue what you were already doing. In addition to “the non-reaction method”, follow these steps I shared below. Be more aware of what you are feeding your mind.

Here are some steps that can help you to stay calm and decrease your anxiety level when there is any uncertainty in your life:

  1. Take a deep breath, and continue breathing for a few minutes. Take your time on this, no rush.
  2. Recognize what’s around you can be an object or people, then recognize how you feel. Seeing the place like you have never been there before, will help you to slow down and feel calm.
  3. Feel the feeling; whatever it is. Every feeling is important to acknowledge and then let it pass. In that way you can move into the next feeling. Hopefully, it would be a better one.
  4. Bring your attention to the present moment and talk to yourself by acknowledging the current situation of your life. Say this to yourself “Everything is ok, I am ok right now and “now” is all I have.” This saying will help you to stay and/ or come to the present moment.
  5. Start doing something different than what you were doing when you start feeling anxious or fearful. This will change your focus and your energy.

After doing these, you’ll recognize that your energy level will be changed and you will be more in the “now”/ be present.

How to deal with negative stories that our mind creates and judgment.

One of my clients, who was in his coaching career for several years and has been doing great with everything in his business. In one of our sessions he told me that there is a woman who was an attendee at his workshops, has a job which is in a completely different field than coaching. However, she took the same training as my client several years ago, and she started doing workshops about coaching. My client said “How come she can do a workshop where she barely knew anything about coaching. What is this? I can’t believe it…”

My client was in a place of judgment where he filled himself with a lot of jealousy, fear, and anger. He also said that he felt like he was way ahead of this woman in his career, but still he realized that he is not satisfied where he was in comparison. He said he even became afraid of this woman stealing his clients. This experience triggered him to feel not good enough in what he was doing. With that being said, you can see his mind obviously created stories in which he could lose his clients, and also he felt unsuccessful. I reminded him that everybody has their audience, everybody is unique in whatever they do. I also suggested that he not compare himself with others, and find happiness in where he is in his business and keep going to reach more if he is not satisfied. There is a saying that I love “Don’t compare your beginning with somebody else’s endings.” We don’t know what other people have done, how they do what they do, we just don’t know everything! Comparison only created drama and separation from love. And, judgment is exactly what separates us. What you can do to not get into those negative storytelling and judge others, meditate, remember what you have done, love yourself, practice catching yourself every time you get into negativity, and return to love. Training your mind and find safety in your #mentalhealth is like building muscles. You have to do it every day, you have to work for it to stay calm.

I hope you found this blog beneficial for you if so feel free to share it with your friends!

Burcu Onaranel
Senior Producer at JOYELY LLC, Founder of JOYY! LLC, NLP Master Practitioner, Inspirational Life Coach