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Feel Better in 60 Seconds in YOUR Chair of Joy™ Any Chair, Anywhere, Anytime! By Sheryl Lynn

Next time you’re feeling a little blue, overwhelmed, chaotic, stressed out, or even when you notice a bout of unhappiness coming on…you can give yourself an opportunity to feel a little better in no time! You can even amplify good feelings for further expansion and creativity in your life.

Sitting in your Chair of JOY™ can be physically literal, or you can dream up, even manifest your optimal seat for a short get-a-way into a lasting moment of bliss.


Chair of JOY™ Examples:
1) The Stool at the Kitchen Counter
2) The Picnic Table at the Lake
3) The Couch in the Living Room
4) The Bench at the Office


4 Steps to Feeling Better in 60 Seconds

1) Sit: First, take yourself out of your current situation and physically move to your Chair of Joy. The act of moving physically sets you up for feeling better soon.

Regardless of where you are, do your best to sit up straight as this improves the flow of oxygen-rich blood. Which Cornell University scientists say increases positive effects such as reducing fatigue, increases confidence, and induces energy.

Once you feel comfortable, close your eyes. Closing your eyes allows you to shut out your surroundings, the noise, and the chaos, it gives your mind and body time to settle down.

2) Breathe: Next, take 3-4 deep breaths in and out through your nose. Think of a relaxing sound or environment like an ocean wave going in and out. Focus on breathing, slow, controlled breaths.

When a person is under stress, their breathing pattern changes. Research from the National Library of Medicine proved controlled and conscious breathing can calm your heart rate and stimulate the areas of your brain that influence your comfort levels, achieve relaxation, have more emotional control, and have a higher state of well-being.

3) Think: Imagine YOUR moment of joy, it could be your fluffy puppy, a swim in the ocean, or a hug from a child. Allow yourself to feel Joy, like a slight smile on your lips as you think of the details of this moment of joy.

The University of Kansas researchers say putting on an upbeat expression coaxes the brain to release a flood of feel-good endorphins that help you genuinely feel happier in as little as 20 seconds.

4) Feel: Do your best to FEEL the moment of joy by simply tapping into some of the same feelings you had when the moment was happening. Let this feeling linger in your body.

The feeling of joy may feel like a warm glow or vibration in your body, extreme gladness, delight, a renewed sense of spirit, well-being, or satisfaction – even goosebumps.

Healthline’s article, What Is Your Vibrational Energy reports that vibrations are a kind of rhythm. Rhythms happen on a grand scale, like seasonal changes and tidal patterns. They also happen within your body. A growing body of research suggests that there’s a strong connection between your mind and your body and it can alter your mood, improve your physical health, or even help you achieve your goals and intentions.

Melanie Weller of Neuro-Somatic Intelligence™ states that the Chair of Joy™ uses solid nervous system principles to create the magic that can help you feel better in 60 Seconds.

Now you know!

You CAN feel better, even GREAT in 60 seconds in YOUR Chair of Joy™.

When you FEEL BETTER you can get to the things that matter, take action and make decisions that are likely to impact your family, community, business, finances, and impact just about everything else that is important to you.

Feel Better Now, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Chair of Joy™!

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