First Exclusive JOYELY Product - SteadyStraps®
Through Life's Evolution,
Joy Remains
The Origin of Joy: What happened?
March 5, 2021
Chair of Joy™ Movement
April 7, 2021
The Origin of Joy: What happened?
March 5, 2021
Chair of Joy™ Movement
April 7, 2021

A great way to remember to tap into your joy often is to put a JOYELY SteadyStraps® on your phone!

We appreciate your support!

We are excited to announce our Exclusive JOYELY PRODUCT OFFERING.

At JOYELY – we aim to source the coolest products that have TWO uses – each are helpful AND useful.

We partnered with LARRY WALTERS, and designed JOYELY SteadyStraps® – They are phone grips for your cell phone and they fit most cases.

Why your investment is important!

  • To show investors that we offer value.
  • To identify interest.
  • First money in to support operations. It’s expensive to create a movement!

Why I love this and am excited to share JOYELY SteadyStraps® with you!

Sheryl’s Testimonial:
I used to drop my phone often. I was fixing the protective shield once a month even! Since slipping on the JOYELY SteadyStraps®, I have not dropped my phone at all. However, this happened…over the weekend…I was putting a log on the fire and the log in my right hand bumped my new iPhone in my left hand. Yikes was all that went through my head.  Had I not had my JOYELY SteadyStraps®, it may have plopped right in the fire! I feel more confident in general about the longevity of my cell phone as well as saving me a ton of money in replacement costs!”

Simply keep your iPhone secure, the band is soft and adjustable, 1 handed use, walking, shopping, taking video, and more. Washable and durable. It's easy to install, stretch, attach and go!

Are there friends and family who would love this as a gift – my whole family loves them! There are birthdays, holidays, coming up all year. When you see your friend next time for the first time, hand them a JOYELY iPhone strap…they will be thrilled!

INCENTIVE! The top fundraiser gets the next product drop for free!!

All purchasers have first dibs on the next exclusive item. It’s really cool, can’t wait to share!

We have ONLY 500 JOYELY SteadyStraps® in this first product drop. If you purchase, 1 to 100, you will get on the list as a JOYELY Premier Shopper. As items are in limited supply, it is our wish they will go up in value.

Put on your strap, run, walk, or selfie away and remember to use it to help you remember to sit down 3x a day in your Chair of Joy™!


When we focus on Joy, we have found that it offers a sense of transformation, then expansion. When joy expands in us, the people around us feel this expansion and they naturally do the same. When people can flow into expansion based on understanding joy, we are able to make a positive impact in the world, together! So, this is bigger than all of us, your ongoing attention to JOY is so important because we have already addressed many social issues with the Chair of Joy™ framework. And, we are just beginning. We have so much more to share with you!

Thank you for your continued support and see you in your Chair of Joy™ soon! Send pictures!

Link to purchase JOYELY SteadyStraps®:

Want to join us?

Then pull up a chair. It’s time for JOY!

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