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Did You Feel It?!

At 3:00 Central on Monday, Oct 10, 2022, JOYELY hosted its First Annual Chair of JOY SIT DOWN in honor of World Mental Health Day.  Did you feel the energy change?  Check your calendar to see what you were doing on that day at that time…think about it for a second…in retrospect, can you recognize a moment of change in the ether?  Did you experience an ‘inexplicable’ lift in your mood/day?

There were 9 of us gathered Live experiencing an intentional Joy Lift to bring awareness and change to the worldwide mental health scenario.

The World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Day is encouraging Mental Health Awareness & Prioritization across the globe.  Reports say that One in Eight, worldwide, struggle with a mental health disorder.  That means that of the 9 of us gathered for the SIT DOWN, at least one of us is or has wrestled with not feeling well or safe or happy in our own mind and has struggled to get the care so desperately needed to help improve mental health.

To continue mental health and wellness for ourselves and others, we gather every Monday at Noon Central – that’s 10 am Pacific/11 am Mountain/1 pm Eastern for J-Hour.  This is an hour of POWER that lifts the level of JOY for each person on the call and ripples out from each individual to touch the lives of people Everywhere – the grocery store, the gas pump, offices, playrooms, living rooms, and examination rooms.

If you are unable to join us for J-Hour, do it anyway, right where you are – SIT BREATHE THINK FEEL – Any chair. Anywhere. Any time.

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for someone you love.  Lift your JOY level so that you make better decisions and spread more joy in the world, one interaction at a time.

Sitting for you ~


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It’s time to immerse ourselves completely in the conversation of joy, to prioritize it above most things.. There’s no time to wait; it’s a matter of life and death.

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