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Breakthrough: A Journey of Resilience and Rediscovery

Thursday, July 27th – The Breaking Point:

As the morning sun bathed the world in golden light, I found myself amidst the chaos surrounding JOYELY and our efforts to bring the essence of living a JOYELY lifestyle to people – simplicity, focus, and doing more of what we love, a state of being that often eludes us in this busy world. The weight of responsibilities and the constant need to keep everyone excited had left me drained and disconnected from what I truly wanted to communicate and, of course, my own joy had been distant for some time. During our huddle meeting, I mustered the courage to share my weariness and longing for something more, or perhaps something less – less doing, more being.

With the support and understanding of my JOYELY family, we embarked on a transformative 45-minute session. It was a raw and emotional journey as I poured my heart out in this trusted space. Together, after experiencing a chair of joy, I became raw and vulnerable, and almost immediately, the problem presented itself and we were able to find a solution. We came up with the brilliant idea of the JOYELY Ambassador Program – a way to share the joy and lighten my load. As the tears flowed and we moved to laughter again, a white egret gracefully landed outside my window, and then, even more rarely, circled the pond a few times before taking flight… Egrets are symbols of good fortune, purity, and grace. In many places, these big white birds also symbolize new beginnings and prosperity with new endeavors. I am not surprised by these universal signs of love, but in awe of them.

With newfound relief and a sense of liberation, I decided it was time to reconnect with the very essence of my joy – nature. It was time to live the life I always talk about, the life I love. Today was the day for me to live JOYELY, to embrace the things I love. I packed my camping gear and headed towards the woods and the river – my two sanctuaries where I could sit in my chair of joy, breathe, think, and feel with clarity, in silence.

Thursday Afternoon – The River’s Call:

By the time the afternoon sun began its descent, I had reached a new section of the Wolf River – a mighty force of nature that called to my adventurous spirit. Seeking the thrill of adrenaline, I decided to embark on a solo kayak adventure, trusting the river to guide me towards the path of renewal. 

As I approached the water’s edge, the sound of rushing water filled my ears, and I noticed the ominous rapids and boulders that lay ahead. My heart fluttered with both excitement and apprehension. I zipped up my lifejacket, knowing that this would be no ordinary kayak ride.

With each stroke of the paddle, I felt the river’s energy flowing through me, reminding me of life’s unpredictable currents. The white water roared, and I realized that this was no ordinary journey. These were Class 2 falls, a level of challenge I had not encountered in over 15 years. Fear tried to grip me, but I knew this was a moment of breaking through my comfort zone.

I maneuvered through the first set of rapids, finding my way with both determination and caution. Each fall brought a sense of accomplishment, knowing I was navigating through the treacherous waters. As I continued, a deep sense of connection with nature enveloped me. There was no one else around; it was just me, the river, and the wild beauty of the landscape.

Then, ahead, I saw a long series of falls, stretching beyond my line of sight. Doubt flickered momentarily, but I took a deep breath, letting go of my fears as best I could. As I descended into the tumultuous current, the tip of my kayak grazed a massive boulder, thrusting me backwards. Another boulder appeared seemingly out of nowhere, sending my kayak spinning. In that moment, I felt like a rider thrown off a wild horse sensing danger.

Submerged in the river’s rapid flow, I clung to my paddle and the big green rope attached to my kayak. The water rushed over my head, disorienting me as I tumbled over boulders. I fought to keep my legs up, preventing them from crashing into the rocks. The river seemed relentless, with no sign of an end in sight. Darkness loomed on the horizon, adding urgency to my situation.

Yet, amidst the chaos, a profound sense of peace washed over me. I felt a connection with something higher, something watching over me. The symbolism of the white egret from earlier resonated within my soul, assuring me of partnership and protection. I dug my feet in between two boulders, using my chair of joy knowledge. I took a deep breath, and imagined that I was at the end of the journey, safe and sound, thinking, and feeling that powerful feeling of safety and accomplishment run through my bones. I shook myself back to the task at hand.

With courage, and a task that seemed to last for what felt like an eternity, I persisted, playing tug of war with my kayak. The current pulled and pushed, and I scooted towards the riverbank, trying to find some semblance of stability. My shoe came off in the struggle, but I chose to focus on what mattered most – my safety.

In the midst of the ordeal, I made a decision – one more push to free my kayak or abandon it for my own safety. With a surge of determination, I managed to unwedge the kayak and watched it float downstream to an uncertain destination.

Exhausted but triumphant, I stepped onto the riverbank, grateful for my newfound resolve and survival instincts. A path revealed itself, and I walked with my backpack and paddle, embracing the tranquility of the woods. As I hiked up to the kayak, now lying abandoned on the other side of the river, upside down, I knew that this was a moment of transformation – a breakthrough in rediscovering what truly brings me joy.

I hiked across a lower area of the river, dumped the water, and started again. An eagle suddenly showed up in all its glory, once again, I felt ridiculously in awe of never giving up and thankful for having a higher power watching over me.

Friday, July 28th – Embracing Release:

The morning sun painted the sky with hues of pink and orange as I woke up in my campsite after the tumultuous river adventure. A fox walked by, the birds sang their music, and the memories of yesterday raced through my mind. I still felt the thrill of the previous trials and triumphs, but there was also a sense of accomplishment and peace within me. I knew that the river had taught me valuable lessons about resilience, trust, and the beauty of surrendering to life’s flow.

As I gazed at my faithful kayak – now with visible scars from the wild ride – I realized that this vessel had been more than just a means of transportation. It had been a companion, sharing countless memories and experiences with me for decades. With a mix of emotions, I decided that it was time to part ways with this gorgeous red/yellow and gold kayak, a chair of joy. It was a symbolic release of the old, making space for new beginnings.

With a heavy heart and a sense of anticipation, I bid farewell to my kayak, leaving it in the garage area. It was time to let go, trusting that the universe had something even greater in store for me. As I sat by the campfire that evening, a sense of serenity enveloped me. The crackling flames seemed to whisper messages of hope and renewal.

Saturday Morning, July 29th – A New Chapter Begins:

The sun peeked over the horizon, heralding the start of a new day – and a new chapter in my life. I headed home, while driving, and still feeling the thrill of the previous trials and triumphs, I decided to challenge myself further. After all, breaking through my comfort zone had brought me a sense of exhilaration like no other.

Once back at my computer at home, I did quick research and found the Waupaca Area Triathlon, a commitment to push myself beyond limits. I checked the date, paid the fee, and closed my laptop. It was 8 AM. On another gorgeous summer day, I decided to take action and do a trial run for the upcoming race. With each step of the 2-mile run, each pedal of the 12-mile bike ride, and each stroke of the 1-mile water kayak, I relished in the joy of moving my body and feeling the strength within me. The anticipation of the upcoming triathlon added an exciting edge to my training period. 

I can only hope that this story will have an impact on others. People can be assured that life for all of us is filled with cliffhangers, moments of anticipation, and the raw emotions woven into our lives. My tale of resilience and rediscovery is similar to much of what we all go through, and we can realize together that stepping into a vulnerable space can lead to many breakthroughs in life. I encourage resilience, perseverance, and asking for help when needed.

Friday night brought comfort and relaxation as I tended to my wounds from the river adventure. The ointments on my hands acted as a reminder of the courage it took to face the rapids and emerge stronger on the other side. Spending quality time with Mike, savoring a fish fry under the starry sky, added an element of contentment to the excitement. 

The journey was far from over, but as we sat under the twinkling stars, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the breakthrough I had experienced. The river had been a catalyst for transformation, leading me to rediscover what truly brought me joy. My heart felt light, and a sense of purpose guided my every step.

With my sights set on the upcoming triathlon and a future filled with possibilities, I know that I am ready to take on whatever the world has in store. This was just the beginning of my adventure, and I eagerly await many more chapters yet to be written.

To be continued, 2 weeks to the triathlon.


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