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Best love happens when you expect it the least

What a journey with The Chair of Joy has been, There is a saying in Turkish “Best love happens when you expect it the least.” So that’s how I met Sheryl Lynn in 2021. I started from the time I met Sheryl because it is the same time period I also met the love of my life and the story I’m about to share is, about love of life with the chair of joy.

I believe The Universe brings people together when they need each other and there is no coincidence that Sheryl and I started working together. The Chair of Joy Experience has a huge impact on my life. I combine The COJ with The Coffee o’clock Experience that I have been doing for years. Such a powerful method to go through life!

I remember the days when I was at the hospital, looking after my mother-in-law, I practiced The Chair of Joy even if it was so hard for me to do. This was back in December 2022. It was so hard for me to build a relationship with my fiance and at the same time being in a situation where I had no control over my mother-in-law’s health. She was fighting cancer. One day, the doctor told me and my fiance(at the time) she had 3 months or less to live. I was frozen… I had nothing to do but hold my fiance’s hand and took him to the outside of the hospital. He was super sad and frustrated by the fact that he had no control over what was happening for his mom. We just got engaged a couple of months ago and were about to start planning our wedding. And he just got a great job in Hungary a couple weeks ago. If I didn’t know about The Chair of Joy, I probably would have been super angry at everything in my life. To be honest, I felt the anger a couple of times, but because I connected with Sheryl everyday and knew that it would pass. I kept focusing on what needs to be done at the moment and what I could bring to the table. I told my fiance to go back to his job and I would take care of his mom with his sister. After a couple of days of him considering it, he agreed to go back to work. I sent him back to Hungary because I didn’t want him to lose his job and his mental health at the same time. I put myself to handle the hard part and do my best to take care of her and help my sister-in-law. So my days were spent at the hospital from morning until midnight, going home and doing the laundry, ironing whatever that needs to be done and practicing the chair of joy especially in the mornings. I wake up and pray until I head back to the hospital. I was against my family to do this for my fiance now my husband. I lived in a city that is 4 hours away from the city my mother-in-law lived in. In our culture, it is not very common that you are this close to your in-laws. So I did what was right for me at the moment and I am glad I did. My mother-in-law stayed at the hospital for a month and then 10 days at home. Jan, 19 we lost her. You probably are thinking, “Why is she telling this sad story and where is the joy in here?” Joy is in any moment and anywhere. Of course it wasn’t joyful to send her peace but it probably was joy for her to become an angel. It was a joy for her to leave the pain in this world. I hope she has been resting in peace. 

After all of these hard times, now the big day is here for me and my husband (I say my husband because we already got married in April, 2023 but we didn’t have our wedding ceremony). Our wedding!! We both were dying for my mother-in-law to see it but she will be there in another form, I just know it! On September 21 will be our wedding and I am joyous to have that special day with the love of my life. I know we deserve to have some fun, we deserve to celebrate our love. So next week we are having our wedding ceremony that we always dreamt about!! You see the wedding invitation card below this email. I am super excited to experience the joy at my wedding with the love of my life. I am also super blessed to have Sheryl in my life who has been on this journey with me. So so filled with joy and love. Look forward to having many more joy filled memories with you all who are great leaders in this world who are committed to live JOYELY!

Until next time, stay with Joy!

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