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Becs Gold joins JOYELY, LLC

Embracing the Joyful Journey;
A Riveting New Chapter at JOYELY

We are thrilled to announce a pivotal moment in the JOYELY journey as we welcome Becs Gold aboard as our esteemed Business Strategist. This partnership marks not only a significant milestone for the JOYELY organization but also signifies the dawn of a new era in our commitment to supporting an entire team in Living JOYELY worldwide.

With her remarkable expertise and unwavering dedication to nurturing a culture of joy, Becs Gold embodies the spirit of JOYELY. Her vibrant energy and passion for progress align seamlessly with our mission to teach people the importance of personal responsibility for their own joy, even amidst chaos.

As we officially transition Becs Gold to our JOYELY headquarters located at 1146 Olivia Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89011, we solidify our commitment to nurturing a culture of joy and excellence. This move represents not only a physical relocation but also a symbolic affirmation of our shared vision for a world where joy reigns supreme in all endeavors.

In our expansion, we highlight joy’s impact on mental health, corporate culture, and communities,” said Sheryl Lynn, Visionary and Founder of JOYELY. We welcome Becs Gold to the team. Known for her business savvy, adventurous spirit, focused mindset, revenue consciousness, and track record of building successful businesses, we’re excited to have Becs on board to propel JOYELY into new horizons.

becs Gold

Her background as a Certified Life & Business Coach, award-winning business owner, published author, and media expert underscores her exceptional qualifications to support our community in Living JOYELY. Her extensive experience in fostering resilient relationships, optimizing productivity, and cultivating positivity will undoubtedly enrich the JOYELY journey for all.

Join us in welcoming Becs Gold to the JOYELY family as we continue to elevate the JOYELY experience under her visionary leadership. The future is bright, and with Becs by our side, we are poised to make a significant impact on a world that embraces joy as a guiding principle.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and initiatives as we work together to support Living JOYELY worldwide.

JOYELY: Customizing Programs for Your Community​

At JOYELY, we’re dedicated to enriching lives through emotional wellness, extending our reach far beyond corporate boundaries to embrace all ages. Our tailored programs promote belonging, self-worth, and connections:

  • School Age Emotional Toolbox – Adventure Bear’s Journey and Beyond: Guiding young minds in emotional intelligence, Adventure Bear grows with children, imparting strength and courage.

  • Individuals Alchemy Workshops: Targeting students, teachers, veterans, seniors, and non-profits, these workshops prioritize stress relief and enduring well-being.

  • Entrepreneurs Live JOYELY: Specifically for business owners, this program merges mental acumen with heartfelt passion, empowering entrepreneurs.

  • Corporate Culture of Joy: Elevating workplace happiness through team-building, wellness, and work-life balance strategies.

  • City of Joy Community Vision: Our goal is a community filled with joy, connectedness, and positivity, earning the title of a “City of Joy.”

JOYELY is your path to emotional empowerment. Join us to embrace emotions effortlessly and return to life’s important aspects with grace.

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