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JOYELY White Diamond Award – Kim Bowers-Antolick
September 21, 2022
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November 8, 2022
JOYELY White Diamond Award – Kim Bowers-Antolick
September 21, 2022
10 Steps You Can Use to Reduce Complexity!
November 8, 2022

It’s estimated that roughly 85% of people worldwide (adults and adolescents) have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem has been linked to violent behavior, school dropout rates, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and low academic achievement. (Psychology Today, June 27, 2019)

Low self-esteem, which is a lack of confidence, just plain gets us stuck. It keeps us from taking action and moving forward toward things that matter to us. That affects everything in our lives and leaves us feeling low.

What is confidence?

Confidence is a belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed—and the willingness to act accordingly.

Projecting confidence can help us gain credibility with our audience, make strong first impressions, deal with pressures, and tackle personal and professional challenges. Confidence is an attractive trait because it helps put others at ease.

So, how do we get confidence?

Jennifer Guttman Psy.D. (guttmanpsychology.com) identified nine sources of confidence:  preparation, performance accomplishments, coaching, innate factors, social support, experience, competitive edge, self-awareness, and trust.

We have linked the Chair of Joy™ Experience with each of these nine sources. (To learn about the  Chair of Joy™ Experience, click on this link: https://joyely.com/j-hour and attend J-Hour)

Now you can Plug In & Power Up your confidence every time you sit in your Chair of Joy™!

1) Preparation:
During the Chair of Joy™ Experience, think of the thing you want to accomplish, then feel how you view yourself and your environment when you’ve already accomplished this goal (just like athletes visualize themselves winning the race).


2) Performance accomplishments:
Share the Chair of Joy™ Experience with your support community/team on a daily basis, and SitBreatheThinkFeel before interacting with key players to adjust your attitude and headspace to a winning scenario. Click here for Deanna Leonard’s example and her 7M save!


3) Coaching:
Seek out coaching:  volunteer for the Diamond Seat in J-Hour, every Monday at 12pm CT or, if you are a VIP member, attend the VIP membership monthly coaching event on the 2nd Thursday of each month.


4) Innate factors:
During your Chair of Joy™ experiences, tap into your confidence as a child who believed he/she could be ANYTHING – superman, a mermaid, an Olympic Gold medalist, POTUS…


5) Social support:
Pay attention to whom you are surrounding yourself with.  Connect with people who believe in you and encourage you.  Share the Chair of Joy™ with them and do it together!  The Joyely community is great for this.  Connect with us on FB, IG, YouTube…


6) Experience:
The more you practice your Chair of Joy™ framework, the more confident you will become in your ability to Feel Better Now and the more confident you will feel in your abilities.


7) Competitive advantage:
In business, getting your team to start each day, meeting, or break time with the Chair of Joy™ Experience will give you/your business the competitive advantage of being more relaxed, more focused, more energetic, and more confident.  You can get the competitive advantage at home by sitting in your Chair of Joy™ before addressing tough issues with your loved ones so that you’re more likely to feel and be your best self in these situations.


8) Self-awareness:
The Chair of Joy™ Experience can help you stop yourself from acting on impulses (like eating too much sugar or yelling at your loved one) that are not in your best interest and re-direct your thoughts to other options.  It can even give you the motivation to act on the alternatives to your impulses (like stopping with one piece of chocolate or pausing to clear your head so that you can have a conversation rather than a shouting match).  Using the Chair of Joy™ this way creates a pattern of self-awareness that empowers you to feel less shaken and more confident and in control.


9) Trust:
Use the Chair of Joy™ Experience to build trust in yourself and others.  Think of a memory of yourself or another person as the source of reliability and integrity.  Then, feel appreciation or gratitude for the support and reliability of self/them in that memory.  Create a future memory/scenario of trust in yourself or the other person.  This leads to confidence in yourself/the other person.  The confidence builds and eventually leads to trust.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?!  Spending 60 seconds in our Chair of Joy™ can build confidence and transform our lives, one Sit at a time!

Call me.  Let’s sit together for a while, for a change – a change that starts with you and with me and encircles the globe…

Living Joyely,

Sheryl Lynn
CEO of JOYELY, Founder & Visionary of The Chair of Joy™ Experience