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Fostering joy in your organization is a must. It’s not only good for your employees; it’s also good for your business. According to recent research by G. Sadri in “Happiness and its impact on workplace behavior,” people who are happier at work are more authentic, committed, willing to contribute beyond their job descriptions, and able to find meaning in their work. They are also rated by others as more trustworthy, likable, and deserving of respect and attention, and effective leaders.

Those who work in a happier job environment experience less stress when faced with challenges and setbacks, are more able to cope with workplace conflicts, and are more helpful and supportive of one another during difficult times.

Furthermore, happier workplaces earn higher customer loyalty, commitment, and business growth via word-of-mouth endorsement.

Elsewhere, research from Bellet and de Neve found that increased happiness led to a 12% increase in successful sales for each additional point an employee experienced on a happiness scale of 0–10.

Unfortunately, while 90% of responding employees expect to experience joy at work, only 37% actually do. What’s exciting is when each person opens the floodgates to feeling better both at home and at work. This shift to “what matters” elicits an engaged workplace environment that makes each day meaningful, as well as encourages communication amongst co-workers, and fuels further success.

So how can you create a vibrant, organic, natural solution without disruption in your workplace where employees can’t wait for meetings, are excited to show up, know how to feel better and know they have willingly increased their own productivity?

Explore comprehensive programs that are proven, so you can experience real results.

Businesses like yours hire JOYELY to integrate joy into the very fabric of their organization, fostering happier, productive, engaged employees.

Deanna L Leonard, SVP Marketing & Communications, Encompass
Founder of Over 50 & Overjoyed

“The Pandemic and resulting mental health crisis had me feeling on edge, anxious and worried more than ever before.  I also noticed these things in my work environment and teams.  Luckily, I found Joyely.

One of my favorite parts of working with JOYELY is learning and using the Chair of Joy™ Experience. It helped me recognize what is important during a time of transition. I’ve used the skills and knowledge that JOYELY brings in my workplace, managing my Customer Service and Marketing teams. They look forward to the experience and making decisions from a place of joy. Most recently I used the Chair of Joy™ Experience and it transformed my attitude going into a very tense meeting – so much so, it saved a $7 million relationship. Partnering with JOYELY is a great way to not only boost company morale and reduce stress – but also can make a million dollar difference to your bottom line.”

“The Chair of Joy™ FRAMEWORK is simply brilliant, just brilliant.”

Dr. Jim Wilder, PhD, Clinical Psychology, and
M.A. Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary
Melanie Weller, CEO of Fearless Presence and
Neuro-Somatic Intelligence™

“The Chair of Joy™ FRAMEWORK uses solid nervous system principles to help you feel better in 60 seconds.”

Chair of Joy™Experience



Chair of Joy™



The JOYELY Solution ignites an organizational and cultural transformation that has lasting results and residual impact.

Our programs deliver immediate short term results, which create the foundation for mid-term and lasting long-term benefits.

Give your organization the gift that will strengthen over time, develop optimized operations, reduce costs, and produce more revenue.

JOYELY Corporate Programs Include:

  • Personal 1-on-1 Culture Training for CEO
  • Group Coaching and Training for Executive Team
  • Company-wide Engaging Workshops and Seminars
  • Community Chair of Joy™ Events

30-Day Concept Program

30-day program resulting in all employees having an understanding of the power of Joy to improve their results.


90-Day Community Program

90-day trial program resulting in all management knowing how to shift their state into one of Joy, management practicing their role from a state of Joy, and improved KPIs.

12-Month Corporate Culture

12-month program resulting in everyone knowing how to shift their state into one of Joy, employees practicing their roles from a state of Joy, and your organization seeing improved KPIs.