Feel. Flow. Fly. - Living JOYELY Ever After!
JOYELY Ever after

Feel. Flow. Fly.

Unmute Your Emotions in 2024 with the Chair of Joy™ Experience!

Imagine life not as a muted movie, but a vibrant symphony where your emotions orchestrate every move. Where joy isn’t a fleeting guest, but a constant current propelling you forward. This isn’t a dream – it’s the promise of Living JOYELY Ever After, and it all starts with a simple journey on the Chair of Joy™.

Find Your Perfect Seat: Step 1 is to SIT. How you do that is to find your own Chair of Joy™ – a quiet space where you can settle in and truly be present. Whether it’s a comfy armchair, a park bench under a tree, or even the floor with your back against a wall, make it your sanctuary.

Unwind and Unmute: Step 2 is all about Breathe. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and let the tension melt away. Feel the rhythm of your breath, the subtle shifts in your body. This mindful breathing unlocks the symphony within.

Release the Anchors: Step 3 is Think. Allow yourself to drift back to memories of joy, even small ones. Remember that childlike wonder, the warmth of connection, the thrill of accomplishment. But don’t stop there. Acknowledge the shadows too, the worries, the frustrations. Feel them, name them, and gently release them, like anchors weighing you down.

Feel the Full Spectrum: And now, we reach the crescendo – Feel. This is where the Chair of Joy™ truly takes flight. With your mind uncluttered and your heart open, dive deep into the tapestry of your emotions. Feel the joy dance, the sadness ebb, the anger crackle. Don’t judge, just experience. This is where you learn the secret language of your soul.

Feel. Flow. Fly: This isn’t just a catchy slogan; it’s the essence of the Chair of Joy™ experience. By feeling understood, accepted, and celebrated, you unlock the flow of energy that propels you forward. You break free from emotional roadblocks, soar above doubts, and discover the extraordinary possibilities that lie within.

Live JOYELY, Every Day: The Chair of Joy™ isn’t a one-time event; it’s a lifelong journey. As often as you need, find your seat, breathe, think, and most importantly, feel. Share your joy with others, connect with their melodies, and create a symphony of togetherness.

This is JOYELY Ever After: a state of lasting happiness and well-being, built on the bedrock of emotional mastery. Through life’s inevitable changes, the Chair of Joy™ remains your compass, guiding you toward the unwavering melody of joy.

The Chair of Joy™ isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a Rosetta Stone to the language of your soul. By feeling, flowing, and flying, you’ll unlock the secrets of your own emotional landscape. Remember, the symphony starts with you – Feel it. And live JOYELY Ever After.

People always ask, how many times shall I do the Chair of Joy™ Experience each day?  There is no set number of times to explore the Chair of Joy™. Whether it’s a daily reset, a weekly reflection, or a moment-to-moment grounding, let your intuition guide you. 

Every session with the Chair of Joy™ is a step towards Living JOYELY Ever After.

So, why settle for a muted life in 2024? Unmute your emotions, embrace the Chair of Joy™, and Feel. Flow and Fly now. Let’s make this year a symphony of connection, growth, and JOYELY Ever After!

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JOYELY: Customizing Programs for Your Community​

At JOYELY, we’re dedicated to enriching lives through emotional wellness, extending our reach far beyond corporate boundaries to embrace all ages. Our tailored programs promote belonging, self-worth, and connections:

  • School Age Emotional Toolbox – Adventure Bear’s Journey and Beyond: Guiding young minds in emotional intelligence, Adventure Bear grows with children, imparting strength and courage.

  • Individuals Alchemy Workshops: Targeting students, teachers, veterans, seniors, and non-profits, these workshops prioritize stress relief and enduring well-being.

  • Entrepreneurs Live JOYELY: Specifically for business owners, this program merges mental acumen with heartfelt passion, empowering entrepreneurs.

  • Corporate Culture of Joy: Elevating workplace happiness through team-building, wellness, and work-life balance strategies.

  • City of Joy Community Vision: Our goal is a community filled with joy, connectedness, and positivity, earning the title of a “City of Joy.”

JOYELY is your path to emotional empowerment. Join us to embrace emotions effortlessly and return to life’s important aspects with grace.