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Dr. Paul Abell holds a Ph.D. in Human Behavior from Ryokan College and has been a professional consultant in the field of Holistic Healthcare and Longevity for over forty-five years. Throughout his career he has integrated and utilized a wide spectrum of health-enhancing techniques which integrate-Longevity counseling/education, a hands-on healing process known as Jin Shin, The Art of Longevity(based on Traditional Chinese Medicine) and, most essentially, a very specialized health awareness/consciousness tool called Voice Dialogue.  His comprehensive review and life-long study of the scientific research regarding every aspect of longevity provides the backbone of information for the educational aspects to his work.

Relevant Experiences:
Early in life he was greatly influenced by his father and other relatives who were herbalists and practitioners of alternative healing.
Group Sensitivity Training with renowned Humanistic Psychologist Nora Weckler, Ph.D.
Education in Human Factors Psychology at C.S.U.N(California State University, Northridge).
Psychodrama training-Mike Klassman
Employment as a member of the Biomedical Human Factors Research team at the McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace Division.

Employment as a counselor-therapist at the National Foundation for the Treatment of the Emotionally Handicapped where he helped develop their first behavior modification program.

Studies in Traditional Chinese and Japanese Healing Arts with a wide variety of teachers.  Training in Jin Shin Jyutsu by Bonnie Pendleton and Barbara Rapko, R.N. Certification as a Jin Shin Do practitioner by Iona and Ron Teagarden.
Teacher at the Acupressure Institute, Berkeley.  Professional interaction with Michael Gach, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of acupressure.zz
Worked on the Acupuncture Detox study conducted by the Valley Health Fund and Bruce Hector, M.D., LAc for N.I.M.H.
Part of the teaching team for the Holistic Nurses Training Program at
U.C.L.A. created by Sandra Steffes, R.N. and Joni Cohen, R.N.
Member of the teaching team for project S.A.G.E.(Senior Actualizations and Growth Explorations), a pilot program created by Irene Liggett,
M.A. to rehabilitate and revitalize elders with Holistic Health techniques.
Ph.D in Human Behavior from Ryokan College
Apprenticed in the Voice Dialogue process and the Psychology of Selves with Drs. Harold and Sidra Stone.
Worked as training staff for Drs. Harold and Sidra Stone in their summer SummerKamp Seminars in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves.
Staff teacher at the Center For the Healing Arts in West Los Angeles, CA, under the supervision of J. McCandless, M.D.
Studied with and worked for Brugh Joy, M.D. metaphysical teacher and author of the books, Joy’s Way and Avalanche. Staff group leader at his yearly Asilomar conferences for 20 years.
On staff as acupressure therapist at the Tabak Chiropractic Clinic, Brentwood, CA.
On staff as acupressure therapist for the Medical Group at The Pritikin Longevity Center, Santa Monica, CA.
Studied Vedantic philosophy with East-Indian master teacher Swami-ji Chinmayananda.
In private practice in Beverly Hills for over 45 years using an integrative technique to help people achieve maximum wellness with longevity has a major goal. Contributing author in the Voice Dialogue Anthology book regarding integrating Voice Dialogue and the Chinese Five-Element Theory. He developed the Longer Life Matrix as a biofeedback tool to manage longevity factors.

Dr. Paul started his spiritual quest early in life, in high school, with the initial intention of becoming a Presbyterian minister.  He has traveled extensively around the world, especially to the major spiritual holy places for all the major religions.  Has studied most of these religions and essentially believes in the best from all of them. He is most drawn to Taoism, Buddhism, and the philosophy of Vedantism.

He has been heavily influenced by the psychological teachings of Carl Jung, Roberto Assagioli(psychosynthesis), and Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone.

Dr. Abell also had one of the first digital art showings at L.A.C.M.A.(Los Angeles County Museum of Art) in 1996.

Dr. Abell is also a poet, musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He recorded an album(Rivers of the Heart) which was New Age songs.

Dr. Abell has been married to Maria Liza, for the last twelve years. They met when Liza was a home care nurse for one of his patients. They have a 9-year-old son.

Though semi-retired, Dr. Abell currently still sees a select number of private patients and lectures on Joy and Longevity.