Do you want to feel better
and be more productive?

Are you struggling with stress?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Lacking motivation?

You are not alone.

Stress is the trash of modern life; we all generate it, but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.”
Danzae Pace

“Joy shouldn’t be a secret. It’s just too important. Joy is what ignites the process of personal and spiritual transformation. If you are trying to grow or change, joy is the key ingredient that makes change last.”
Dr. James Wilder

“Knowing you are going to your Chair of Joy is already a shift in consciousness”.
Dr. Paul Abell, PhD

There is a better way for you to gain a mindset that is filled with hope, healing, and action.

Today, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and parents use the Chair of Joy process to feel better now. Because most don’t know how to regain control, cope with daily stress, and lack a genuine feeling of joy in their lives. Sheryl and the JOYELY team help people transform their thinking, build reliable new habits, and embrace joy in everyday life.

The bottom line is, you CAN feel better now, anytime, anywhere, in 60 seconds or less, and JOYELY can show you how.

In the VIP Membership Program, you will learn a proven, simple, yet highly effective 4-Step Process to move you from a place of fear and negativity to feeling better now so that you can be better and do better every day.

What if…

When you experience stress, anger, or fear… you had a way to feel the emotion while rapidly transforming into a better place? Embracing your inner strength and joy within you. So you can regain your composure, control, and ability to make your best decisions. What would it be like if you made decisions from a place or joy instead of stress, anger, or fear?

This is what we do. And we are really good at it.

In the VIP Membership program, you will join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are experiencing life challenges just like you.

You will belong to a dynamic group who is on a Journey of Joy. Every day, finding your own unique gifts to overcome the daily grind and step into your own power.

You will:

  • Have a community of JOYELY Certified Coaches, Mentors, and Experts to guide you on your Journey of Joy.
  • Learn the process to move through and transform from your negative feelings to positive empowerment.
  • Get better results in your relationships, career, and personal development.

As a JOYELY VIP member you’ll receive:

  • Everything included in J-Hour
  • Weekly Living JOYELY Newsletter
  • 5- and 15-Minute Chair of Joy™ Guided Experience
  • Chair of Joy Guided Process (PDF)
  • Access to Private JOYELY VIP Facebook Group
  • Monthly Group Challenge Activity
  • Monthly Live Virtual Coaching with Q&A
  • Regular VIP insights, tips, and support within the community
  • Belong to a safe, respectful, and supportive environment of like-minded individuals
  • Insider VIDEO Guides from JOYELY Certified Coaches and Joy Experts
  • Ability to feel better in 60 seconds or less, anytime, anywhere

Why join this program? To experience community, guidance, support, and BETTER RESULTS.

Join us so you can raise your standard of Joy and look forward to days filled with more effective communication, intimate relationships, and enhanced productivity.

Living JOYELY starts today!
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