(Expanded Package for 1 Year Paid Night in NEW YORK for attending Dance Parade Event and After Party!)

  • Everything Silver and Bronze PLUS:
  • Exposure for the entire Chair of Tour
  • VIP Treatment by Show Producers
  • A 30 Minute sponsorship JOYELY Podcast
  • Logo on pre, during and post Event marketing
  • Logo on T-Shirt
  • Send product for tour
  • Microphone opportunity if joined at any event on tour


(Verbal Introduction Package for 1 Year)

  • Exposure for entire day of COJ Tour
  • Everything Bronze PLUS:
  • Two (2) 5-Minute Interviews streamed live
  • Announced on tour, as a Silver Sponsor
  • Logo on Banner for events
  • Mention in Press Release with 5K Impressions News Outlets
  • Live to major streaming FB and YouTube


(Print and Digital Package)

  • Introductions to all major players
  • Logo on marketing material
  • Promote your expertise and company brand to all relevant networking groups
  • 2 Social Promotions in JOYELY channels, the event website and tour flyers
  • Enjoy exclusive brand promotion
  • Be promoted to the entire JOYELY global network, beyond the event, through the promotion of your information, for which JOYELY is internationally renowned
  • Support the Movement, Money and Momentum of the COJ Experience
  • Be affiliated with a healing and transformation methodology
  • Benefit from our focused Corporate collaborations

Pledges also accepted here!