One Hour Therapeutic COJ - Living JOYELY Ever After!
JOYELY Ever after

One Hour Therapeutic COJ

Sheryl Lynn CEO & Founder of JOYELY
August 20, 2024
August 20, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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Welcome to JOYELY Chair with Sheryl Lynn, founder of JOYELY!
Ever dreamed of a weekly rendezvous with joy? Look no further! Join us for a transformative journey where we explore the power of joy every week in our “JOYELY Chair” sessions.
Why settle for less when you can embrace more of what truly lights you up? In our weekly “JOYELY Chair” gatherings, we’ll embark on a courageous adventure through four empowering steps, spending 15 minutes on each
Sit: Ground yourself and set the stage for a joyous experience.
Breathe: Tune into your breath to find calmness and presence.
Think: Reflect on what brings you joy and how to invite more into your life.
Feel: Embrace the joy within and let it shine brightly from within you.
Get ready to uncover fresh perspectives and ignite genuine excitement as we journey into the heart of joy. It’s not always easy, but it’s undeniably fun!
Join Sheryl Lynn and the JOYELY community as we celebrate joy as a core life skill every week in the cozy embrace of our “JOYELY Chair.” Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bask in the fullness of joy. Sign up now and let the joyous adventure begin!

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