Do you believe you were made for more?
Do you believe you are deserving of a Life you can retire from?
Who much “catch up” do you have to do to be back on track?
Is what you are working on now going to get you to your ‘dream’ future?
Who are you counting on to get you or your company UnStuck?
The Clock Is Ticking…. your new members need to build their business and create a 30-day story. Retention Marketing is all about keeping the business you spend so much time creating.

Sean G Murphy is an internationally respected and known Network Marketing Executive, Speaker,Trainer and Consultant. He has been a Network Marketing Professional for almost 18 years, spending years in the field as a distributor building large sales organizations and over 5 years in Founder, Senior Executive, and Senior Consultant roles helping to build and manage Network Marketing Companies and assit in their International Expansion. Areas of expertise : Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Slovenia, Portugal, UK, Canada, Bulgaria, Ireland, Costa Rica, Panama.

Sean is known as a high energy, positive leader who is highly focused and skilled at helping people achieve their goals and dreams. He has built multiple large, successful sales organizations to over 300,000+ Distributors.

He is a powerful trainer in mindset and breaking limiting beliefs. Creating the best Psychological Blueprint you have, and your teams have been missing to break their non-producing habits.

Specialties: Executive 1 on 1 Strategy Sessions, Public Speaking, Personal, and Group Coaching, Personal Mentoring, Marketing Analysis, Corporate Story Creation, International Marketing,
International Expansion – Focus Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Canada, EU, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador. Contact Sean to speak on your next Webinar Training, Live Event or Corporate Retreat.