Hi I’m Sandra Dee.
We just have to care about our life’s mission with soul stirring fire and stop wasting time judging ourselves.
That’s why created my trainings for presentation and leadership, training professionals around the world and why I also offer equine-assisted coaching as a huge part of this unveiling of your God-given passions and abilities. It’s a natural fit.

Years ago, I was auditioning for a role to host an infomercial when the director interrupted and asserted, “Sweetie, just be yourself.” I fell apart.
I had nothing in that file. (shuffle feet, exit stage right)
(Enter the Aha Moment)
I was making great money, had a fan following and by an outside perspective was successful as a daytime actress. In real life, I didn’t have a voice that was my own. I had no idea what my value or purpose really was at that point. It took years, dozens of teachers/ coaches, thousands of books, hundreds of conferences, certification programs and let’s not even try to count the webinars and podcasts, but I not only found my voice and purpose… I discovered the way to show other people the path to theirs.

Years later my mission is clear: Reconnect women and men to the gifts, passion and strength already inside of them that will propel them to where they are Designed to be. I give leaders permission to use their voice for good in their business, life and community.

You could meet other’s expectations or you could exceed your own. That’s Empowerment!

No matter how educated you are, how beautiful you are, talented or wealthy, you still have to face the crippling self-doubt that comes with setting new boundaries and trying something new. Taking on another level of your business or dealing with more commitment than you planned can derail your psyche and lessen your joy and productivity.

We’ll talk about things like:
• How to tap into your unique communication strengths
• How to share your experiences ( story) to propel others to action
• When to move away from what’s uncomfortable and when to move toward it.
• Strengthen your Intuition, empathy and lead with compassion and calmness.
• What boundaries are needed to move you to boundless heights in your business.
And, of course, how to knock any presentation out of the park on stage, video or media! ( that’s using that voice and message to the fullest!)

From a place of self-understanding you can build a personal brand and business that thrives and feeds not only your family, but your soul.